Fab Ways To Look After Your Destination Wedding Guests in Italy

Photo By : Fabio Mirulla
Fab Ways To Look After Your Destination Wedding Guests in Italy

Have you decided on Italy for your destination wedding and you're in the middle of the planning stage? 

Well make sure to read on as we share our tips on how to ensure your guests are looked after all the way from when you pop the question with save the dates, to when they bid “arrivederci" and get ready to get head back home full of love and endless memories from your wedding day.

What Should I Do in Advance?

Step one to hosting a memorable destination wedding in Italy: give your guests lots of time to plan their trip! Booking flights and juggling schedules is not easy for everyone, so the earlier you spill the beans, the better the turnout will be.

wedding invitations

Photographer: Francesco Gravina

Save the Dates

As soon as your plans are all confirmed and in place, unleash those save-the-dates like confetti! Let your guests know it's a destination fiesta right from the get-go, sparking excitement and giving them plenty of time to mark their calendars and stash away some euros for their flight tickets and stay.

Roll Out the Red Carpet

A great way to take care of your Italy wedding guests is by helping them out with some of the tricky parts of their travel, trying to make the process as simple and easy for them as you can. Look into flight options and research airlines from some of the main locations where guests will be flying from; this is a nice way to get them started. 

Remember, especially for older family and friends, trying to plan their trip to your destination wedding may be slightly overwhelming so every little insight helps. If you really want to go the extra mile, you can organise shuttle buses or transportation services from the nearest airport in Italy to their accommodation. Of course, for larger weddings this is almost impossible but it's a nice gesture for smaller gatherings.

Masseria Grieco

Venue: Masseria Grieco

Accommodation for Guests to Stay

Some guests may prefer to go ahead and choose a place to stay once they know the location for the Italian wedding. If your venue doesn't come with guest rooms, consider liaising with local hotels, apartments or nearby accommodation where you may be able to block rooms so your guests don't have to panic about finding the right place to stay. 

You can often find reduced rates with hotels if you book a lot of rooms at the same time, making everything much easier for your guests and a great way to save some money.

Masseria Fontana Di Vite

Masseria Fontana Di Vite

Weather Advice

From soaking up the Italian sunshine to dancing in the rain, give your guests a heads-up on what to expect weather-wise. Whether it's packing sunscreen for balmy days or cosying up for chillier evenings, giving them an idea of what the weather might be like ensures they're prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws their way! 

People tend to believe Italy is a hot country all year round but while the climate is often nice down south, if you're getting married in the more Northern regions, autumn and winter can definitely get chilly.

Photographer: Tobias Bals

Photographer: Tobias Bals

Local Attractions

While your wedding is of course going to be the main event and reason for travel, it’s inevitable that many of your guests will choose to make a holiday out of their visit and plan to arrive a few days before or stay a few days after to enjoy what Italy has to offer.

Why not research the area you’re getting married in, are there any must-see attractions? Famous tourist spots? From must-see landmarks to hidden gems, inspire them with things to do and places to see while they are in Italy.

Organise a Welcome Pack

Kick off the Italian wedding festivities with a dolce vita welcome pack! We suggest including some helpful Italian phrases that they can use while they're out exploring, pronunciation hacks and insider tips to make them feel right at home the moment they arrive.

Don't forget to include in here any details of your welcome day too with timings, maps, and other information you'd like to share. How about an activity pack or something special for the kids too if there will be little ones present for your wedding?

wedding setting tuscany italy

Photographer: Martina Botti

Welcome Gathering

A welcome gathering before your wedding day when all your guests arrive is a brilliant way for everybody to get to know each other and warm things up for your Italian wedding. Dive into the Italian spirit with a pre-wedding soiree that'll have your guests shouting “Mamma Mia!"

Whether it’s popping Prosecco bottles, classic Italian cocktails, sipping Aperol spritzes, or indulging in a pizza party, set the stage for a celebration to remember!

Castello Rossino

Castello Rossino

Food and Drink

From carnivores to veggie lovers, it's important to make sure your menu caters to all taste buds. You can even throw in some non-alcoholic bubbly or cocktails on the menu for non-drinkers or pregnant guests. It's a great way to include everyone and show that they're welcome. Showcasing Italy's culinary wonders is also a must-do, so spare no expense in treating your guests to an Italian epicurean journey they won't soon forget!

Plan a Local Activity or Excursion

If you're planning a long wedding weekend, why not organise some fun wedding activities in Italy for your guests to enjoy? Whether it's a boat party or trip out on the lake/sea, a city tour on a bus or a Vespa adventure through quaint villages, share your love for Italy by whisking them away on unforgettable adventures.

JoAnne Dunn Photographer

Photographer: JoAnne Dunn

Impress Your Guests with Some Fun Entertainment

During your wedding or pre/post wedding gathering, why not organise a firework display, live music session or a dance performance? Do some research on local/traditional Italian musicians or entertainers to serenade your guests during the aperitivo or evening celebration. Think opera singers, a caricaturist, a trio quartet, aerial dancers or whatever tickles your fancy.

If you’d like to bring a touch of your home/culture to your wedding, you can find a range of traditional bands and performers in Italy such as bagpipers, Irish dancers, Indian drummers, bossa nova music artists and so on. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, why not fly them over for your big day?

Thoughtful Touches 

Even with notice about the forecasted temperatures of your Italian wedding, we all know there will always be a few guests who haven't dressed quite right for the weather. Create a haven of comfort and relaxation for your guests, whatever the forecast. Why not provide stylish parasols or fans to shield them from the sun's rays or light blankets or scarves to keep them warm during alfresco evening celebrations?

We also love the idea of setting up designated chill-out zones stocked with refreshing beverages and cooling mist fans for those summer weddings in Italy. With your thoughtful preparations, you'll ensure that every moment of your Italian destination wedding is comfortable for all guests.

Photographer: Tozzi Studio

Photographer: Tozzi Studio

Memories to Last a Lifetime

Remember, your destination wedding isn't just about the two of you; it's a grand adventure for all! Your guests will have the time of their life visiting Italy and celebrating your big day. Consider setting up an online platform that guests can have access to all the pictures from the photographer once they are available. You can even open it up so that guests can share their photos from the day; a great way to see your wedding from different perspectives.

Going that extra mile to make your guests feel welcome in Italy will really make a difference in their overall experience. Your family and friends will no doubt leave feeling included, happy, and with an endless list of memories to look back on for a long time afterwards. We hope that these tips and ideas inspire you while you're on your wedding planning journey and help you come up with some lovely experiences to bring to life.

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