Marco and Grace’s Dream Wedding in Tuscany
10th January 2024
Photo By : Martina Botti

Marco and Grace's dream wedding in Tuscany


Let's dive into Marco and Grace's love story, a tale as dynamic as the places they've explored together. Marco, from Mexico, and Grace, from America, found their hearts intertwining amidst the wonders of the world. The story hit its peak when Marco proposed against the stunning backdrop of Machu Picchu in 2021, marking the beginning of a love with limitless horizons.

United by their shared passion for exploration, the idea of a conventional wedding quickly faded, paving the way for the dream of a destination wedding. Grace initially imagined a romantic ceremony in Mexico, steeped in vibrant culture. But Marco had another great idea in mind – " Why not Italy!" With that spontaneous decision, they set their sights on the beautiful landscapes of Italy, a country uncharted by their footsteps but calling to them with so much charm.

Choosing Italy as their destination wedding backdrop wasn't just about picturesque landscapes; it was a dive into the unknown. For Marco and Grace, tying the knot in a country they'd never explored symbolised their shared spirit of adventure. It was a decision as bold and beautiful as their love, turning their dream into a reality set in the heart of Italy.

With their chosen wedding planner, Roberto Raspollini onboard and a vision for their wedding celebration, they invited their friends and family over to the most gorgeous wine estate in Tuscany, La Villa Medicea di Lilliano located in the South of Florence.  

Fast forward to their wedding in Tuscany, where the predominant colour of peach fuzz set the tone for a dream affair, unintentionally predicting the Pantone colour of 2024. This soft, romantic hue echoed the warmth of Marco and Grace's unique love story. Every detail, from the ceremony to the reception, was thoughtfully curated by Roberto and his team, creating an ambiance that mirrored their distinctive style.

One of the most magical moments of their wedding in Tuscany unfolded as guests arrived at the dinner, set against the backdrop of the main part of the villa. The surprise effect was intentional, creating an atmosphere of wonder and celebration after they had tied the knot during the ceremony. The table, adorned with the soft glow of candlelight and the sparkling overhead chandeliersl, became a symbol of Marco and Grace's journey—one filled with magic and delightful surprises.

Scroll on through and enjoy these beautiful moments from this real wedding in Tuscany planned by one of our valued members – Roberto Raspollini from RoRas Destination Wedding. Visit his profile here. 

Wedding Suppliers

Photographer: Martina Botti

Wedding Planner & Concept: Roberto Raspollini

Wedding Florals: Fiori E Dintorni

Make-up & Hair Stylist: Bridal Makeup & Hair Italy

Wedding Music: Trio Landini

Wedding DJ: DJ Zano & Crew

Stuff Rental: Preludio Divisione Noleggio / Happy Days Italia

Wedding Dance Floor:

Light Design: Wedding Music & Lights

Catering and Food Design: Guidi Lenci

Bar Service: Pour Events Bar Catering

Celebrants: Jo Bertolino Tuscanpledges


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