Thomas De Gobbi Dj Sax

Saxophonist Extraordinaire: Setting the Perfect Mood for Your Wedding in Italy

Price Range € 800 - € 2500


Meet Thomas De Gobbi Dj Sax, Italy’s top wedding saxophonist! With a fiery passion for his craft, he creates magical moments through music, pouring his heart and soul into every performance. No wonder he’s one of the most sought-after pros in the country!

Having graced numerous weddings and international events, Thomas’s music knows no boundaries. He possesses the unique ability to create an enchanting atmosphere with his soulful saxophone melodies, effortlessly captivating his audience. But the magic doesn’t stop there. As a skilled DJ, Thomas transforms into a charismatic showman during his DjSet Show, seamlessly blending tracks, infusing captivating sax solos, and encouraging guests to sing and dance along.

Thomas’s commitment to delivering top-notch experiences is evident in his state-of-the-art equipment. He consistently updates his audio and lighting stations to ensure optimal sound quality and visual appeal across various event spaces. This dedication to excellence guarantees that every aspect of the event is covered, leaving guests thoroughly entertained and amazed.

For couples seeking an unforgettable wedding experience filled with enchanting music and captivating performances, Thomas De Gobbi Dj Sax is the perfect choice. His ability to merge the magic of live saxophone with an electrifying DJ set will create an atmosphere that will linger in the memories of guests for years to come. Trust Thomas to set the stage for your fun-filled wedding in Italy.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you assist me in choosing the music for my processional, recessional, father-daughter dance, etc.?

  • Yes, normally I always ask for important songs for: bride and groom entry, cake cutting, first dance, and about 10/20 songs for dances so as to understand your tastes and insert them in my show.

 How extensive is your music library or song list? What genres can you cover?

  • During the aperitif I play the sax, with a repertoire of over 250 songs of any kind so as to satisfy everyone. My DjSet Show will involve everyone and for an excellent performance it lasts up to 3 hours (it’s a wedding and not a rave party ..)

 How long do you normally stay at a wedding for?

  • I am always present for the whole event: from music to sax for an aperitif, at the entrance of the newlyweds for dinner, music for cutting the cake, instrumentation for speeches, and music with my DjSet Show to make everyone dance, with saxophone solos!

 Are there any other services that you provide?

  • Included in my service there will be all the necessary audio and lighting equipment sized according to the number of guests present.

 How far in advance do I need to secure your services?

  • At least a year, but if the date is free we can tune everything in a few days.

Can I give you a specific list of songs I want or don’t want played?

  • You will tell me the titles of the songs of the important moments (entrance, cake, first dance) and 10/20 titles to be included in my DJSet.

 Will we need to provide anything for you to set-up?

  • No, just make sure there is adequate space, electricity, and a floor B inside if the weather is not nice (without risking dismantling everything due to rain).

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Thomas De Gobbi

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