Must-Have Photos to Capture Your Dreamy Italian Wedding | Cristiana Fiorini Photography

Photo By : Cristiana Fiorini Photography.
Must-Have Photos to Capture Your Dreamy Italian Wedding | Cristiana Fiorini Photography

Weddings are a whirlwind – beautiful and crazy, and they fly by so fast! As soon-to-be-weds, it's SO important for your photographer to capture all those amazing memories without the awkward posing.

Today, we have Cristiana Fiorini, one of our directory’s incredible Italian wedding photographers, spilling her secrets about the best photo ops at an Italian wedding.

Whether you like those effortlessly posed shots or more relaxed, in-the-moment vibes, Cristiana Fiorini has got tips to help you remember your day exactly as it was.

Cristiana Fiorini Photography

Cristiana Fiorini Photography

Top 5 Wedding Photos You Don't Want to Miss

The Invite

Your invitation suite wasn't just the official announcement, it was the first glimpse of your wedding's vibe – the colours, the fonts, the overall feel.  Let's get a close-up of that gorgeous design and preserve its beauty!

Getting Ready

This is where butterflies take flight! Capture the anticipation, those final touches on hair and makeup, the joy of being surrounded by your best girls or guys getting all glammed up.

Those Little Things

You spent so long getting them just right – the rings, the flowers, maybe a special heirloom brooch. These carefully chosen details deserve their own moment to shine on camera.

The First Look

Whether it's a traditional first look or just locking eyes down the aisle, this is when all the feels hit at once. Expect goosebumps, happy tears, and a memory that will give you that warm fuzzy feeling for years to come.

Walking Out Married!

You did it! Time for the confetti cannons, the cheers, maybe a shower of bubbles – this is your victory lap, a vibrant picture of pure happiness. Soak it in and make sure that photo captures every bit of it.

Cristina Fiorini Photography Top Favourite Moments To Capture 

Weddings are an array of emotions, and Cristiana has a special talent for capturing those heart-fluttering, tear-jerking, laughter-filled moments. Here's where her camera truly shines:

Cristiana Fiorini Photography

Cristiana Fiorini Photography

Bridal Preparations

The snapshots taken behind-the-scenes, offer a precious glimpse into the moments leading up to the bride getting ready to walk down the aisle. Cristina loves capturing the perfect shot as the bride is pampered and prepped, usually surrounded by the mother or mother figure in her life, sisters and bestest of friends. The energy in the air is often a mix of nerves, reminiscing and excitement. 

Cristiana Fiorini Photography

Cristiana Fiorini Photography

The Rice Toss (or whichever tradition you choose!)

Whether you go for a classic rice toss which is a popular Italian wedding tradition, a confetti, or  modern bubble send-off, this is the ultimate burst of celebratory energy. It's pure all-around happiness, and guaranteed to be a photo-album favourite.

Cristiana Fiorini Photography

Cristiana Fiorini Photography

Couple's Photoshoot

With so many incredible backdrops at a wedding in Italy. Stepping away from the crowd, finding a gorgeous spot and soaking in the feeling of being newlyweds is so special. Cristiana loves photographing these intimate, relaxed moments which are all about the couple's love and the start of their new adventure.

Cristiana Fiorini Photography

Cristiana Fiorini Photography

The Fine Details

From your dress's intricate details to the thoughtfully curated tablescapes, details showcase your unique style. These still-lifes help you remember all the thought that you put into planning and designing your wedding in Italy, as well as the beauty of it all.

Italy wedding photographer, Cristiana's main goal is to capture real, genuine and candid moments from your wedding in Italy. With the ability to create gorgeous memories offering a timeless feel, she loves turning the little bits of your day into forever keepsakes.

Her style is totally relaxed but super elegant – perfect for capturing those emotional, special moments and the fun, party vibes. It's about remembering your love story, your amazing wedding day, and all those little things you never want to forget. When Cristiana works with couples, she aims to blend in and let real emotions shine through. . It’s those unplanned, spontaneous moments that take place at a wedding – like stolen glances, genuine laughter and sweet gestures – that she loves the most. 

Want to see more of Cristiana Fiorini's stunning wedding photography work? Check her out here and browse her full website portfolio. While she is centrally based in Rome, Cristiana is available as an Italy wedding photographer all across the country, wherever you choose to host your Italian wedding. 

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