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What is a Traditional Italian Wedding like?

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What is a Traditional Italian Wedding like?

At a traditional Italian Wedding, you can expect a lavish meal, cultural traditions and lively entertainment. Whether you're attending a wedding in Italy or getting ready to plan your own, this guide will walk you through the various aspects of weddings in Italy and provide valuable insights on what to expect at an Italian wedding reception.

What is a typical Italian wedding reception?

An Aperitivo: To Kick It All Off 

Before the main meal, an aperitivo gets the party started. This pre-dinner cocktail hour is a time for guests to mingle, enjoy a drink, and savour delicious appetisers.

A Sit-Down Meal: Enjoying Italian Culinary Delights

Italian wedding receptions are renowned for their multi-course meals. Expect to indulge in antipasti (appetisers), primo (typically pasta or risotto), secondo (main course, often meat or fish), and contorno (side dishes). Each course is perfectly paired with regional wines, enhancing the overall dining experience.

The Wedding Cake: Dolce Dolce and not only..

The traditional Italian wedding cake is known as “millefoglie," which is derived from the French term “mille-feuille," meaning a thousand layers.  It consists of delicate puff pastry layers generously filled with pastry cream. However, many couples also opt for various other style of wedding cakes. In addition to the cake, it's typical to have a dessert buffet featuring an array of Italian cakes, pastries and sweets for guests to choose from. 

Villa Des Vergers

Venue: Villa Des Vergers

Raise a Glass: Wine & Toasts. 

Wine is a central element of Italian culture, and it takes centre stage at the reception. While Italian will most likely raise a glass to the newly weds during the cake-cutting, it's not common to hear speeches from family members and friends. After the toast, it's directly on the party!

Dance the Night Away: Music and Tarantella

Italian weddings are known for their lively entertainment. Whether it's a live band or a DJ, the music ranges from traditional Italian tunes to international hits. A popular tradition from the South is the Tarantella, a high-energy dance that involves all the guests linking arms and dancing around the newlyweds.

Wedding Favours: Small Sugary Tokens of Love

Couples often express their gratitude by providing wedding favours, a gesture that is also very common around the world.. These often include “confetti" which means sugared almonds in Italian. They're a sweet symbol of the bitter-sweet elements of married life. You might find these little treats in bags, pillows, or even on your dinner table at the wedding.

Ceremony Exit Traditions: Showering The Newlyweds With Rice

After the ceremony, it's customary for guests to shower the newlyweds with rice or confetti as they exit the church or wedding venue, symbolising fertility and prosperity.

Villa Bertani

Venue: Villa Bertani

Table Seating: Gathering For Love

Guests typically have assigned seats. The couple often provides place cards with each guest's name and table number, ensuring a smooth and organised dining experience.

Dancing and Celebration: Let's Party!

After the meal, the real celebration begins. Dancing, singing, and laughter fill the air, creating a fun atmosphere that can last late into the night.

A Grand Finale: Fireworks

In some regions, especially in the South, Italian weddings end with a bang—a spectacular fireworks display that adds a magical touch to the celebration.

Casa Collina Events- Bridesmaids

Casa Collina Events

What Makes Italian Weddings Unique?

Italian weddings are famous for their distinctive charm and traditions. Here are some aspects that set them apart:

1. Cultural Diversity: Italy's regional diversity is reflected in its wedding traditions. Each region has its customs, adding a unique flavour to the celebration.

2. Rich History: Italy's rich history and traditions are woven into every aspect of the wedding, from the ceremony to the reception.

3. Culinary Excellence: Italian cuisine is celebrated worldwide. The emphasis on high-quality, delicious food is a hallmark of Italian weddings

4. Family-Centric: Italian weddings are family affairs. The bond between family members is central and weddings often involve extended families.

5. Unique Venues: Italy offers a wide range of stunning venues for weddings, from historic villas and romantic countryside settings to picturesque coastal locations. These unique locations offer couples extraordinary backdrops for their big days.

Emanuele Sironi

Emanuele Sironi

What Do You Wear to an Italian Wedding Reception?

Now, let's talk about your attire. Dressing appropriately is pretty important for any wedding, and Italian weddings are no exception. Here are some tips:

For Men:

  • Suit Up: A well-tailored suit is a must, unless it’s a relaxed beach wedding or the invitation mention otherwise. Opt for classic colours like black, navy, or grey.
  • Tie It Up: Don a stylish tie that complements your suit, especially for the ceremony. Don't worry you can alway remove it later on for the wedding party. 
  • Comfortable Shoes: When it comes to shoes, prioritise comfort over style, especially since there'll be plenty of dancing! Make sure your chosen pair are clean and polished, ready for the occasion.
  • Accessories: A pocket square and cufflinks can add a touch of elegance.
  • Formal Shirt: A crisp, white dress shirt is always a safe choice.

Jody & Natalia-Real Wedding by Giuseppe Greco

For Women:

  • Elegant Dresses: Choose a stylish midi or full length dress. Avoid white, as it's reserved for the bride and try to steer clear of black as it represents being in mourning.
  • Sophisticated Accessories: Enhance your look with statement jewellery and a clutch.
  • Heels: A comfortable yet stylish pair of heels is ideal, especially as you may be walking on cobbled streets or uneven terrains. We recommend platform wedges for this reason.
  • Subtle Makeup and Hair: Keep it classy and natural.

For Both Genders:

  • Respect Local Customs: In some regions, it's common to cover your shoulders in church.
  • Weather Considerations: Check the weather forecast and plan accordingly. A shawl or jacket might be necessary.

Remember, it's better to be slightly overdressed than underdressed. Your choice of clothing shows respect for the couple and the occasion.

Ready to Plan Your Italian Wedding?

Now that you know what is a traditional Italian Wedding like? It's time to delve into the exciting world of weddings in Italy, it's important to remember that it’s all the small details combined that will make it an unforgettable experience. From the traditional Italian wedding catering to the uplifting music and breathtaking locations, Italian weddings are a celebration of love, culture, and tradition.

Now, here's the exciting part: it's time to turn those Italian wedding dreams into reality. If you're all set to kickstart your Italian wedding planning journey, we've got your back.

Just head over to our directory, where you'll discover some of the best wedding suppliers and venues in Italy for your dream destination wedding. 

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