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What is SIAE Tax & How to Pay it for Your Wedding in Italy

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What is SIAE Tax & How to Pay it for Your Wedding in Italy

Organising a wedding in Italy  filled with music and celebration? Ensure you know the meaning of SIAE Tax (Società Italiana degli Autori ed Editori) fees and how to pay them. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you through the process, including estimated costs:

What is SIAE tax?

SIAE is an Italian organisation that manages copyright and related rights, protecting the interests of creators and ensuring fair compensation for the use of their works.

Understanding Whether You Need to Pay SIAE Music Tax

Before you dive into the SIAE process, it's important to figure out how you plan to use copyrighted music at your Italian wedding. This could include live bands, recorded music, DJs, or any other form of copyrighted work you wish to include in your celebration.

Sherrita Duran wedding musician

Sherrita Duran wedding musician

Contacting SIAE

The next step is to reach out to SIAE. You can contact their local office (find the nearest one to your wedding location here) or pay directly online here. Share your wedding plans with them and find out the specific fees you need to pay based on your music choices and event size.

Completing the Necessary Documentation

SIAE will provide you with the required paperwork and forms to complete or your wedding planner. These forms will help SIAE calculate the appropriate fees. You'll need to provide event details, such as the wedding date, venue location, and the music you intend to use.

How much SIAE tax will I have to pay?

SIAE will calculate the fees based on the information you provide and their established tariffs. The fees can vary depending on factors such as the type of music, the number of guests, and the wedding's location. Estimated costs can range from €150 to €500 or more, depending on the size and specifics of your event.

Making the Payment

Once you've received the fee calculation, it's time to make the payment. SIAE typically offers various payment methods, such as bank transfers or other options specified by the organisation.

Malè Girl band

Malè Girl band

Keeping Detailed Records

After making the payment, it's essential to keep thorough records of all paperwork and documentation related to your SIAE payment. These documents will serve as proof of your compliance with copyright regulations in case you're ever asked for them.

Enjoying a Worry-Free Wedding

With the SIAE fees paid and all the necessary documentation in order, you can focus on enjoying your wedding in Italy without concerns about copyright infringement or potential legal issues related to the use of copyrighted music.

When planning your Italian wedding, don't forget the importance of respecting the rights of artists and creators. SIAE fees ensure that your celebration is not only a memorable one but also a legally compliant and ethically responsible celebration. So, follow these steps, enjoy your destination wedding in Italy, and create beautiful memories without worrying whether you'll receive a fine at the end of not. 

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