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5 Italian-Inspired Cocktails to make During Quarantine

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5 Italian-Inspired Cocktails to make During Quarantine
Who’s ready for a virtual happy hour?

If you’re finding yourself drinking more during the pandemic, you’re not alone …

With pretty much everything closed, we have been forced to find new ways to satisfy our past needs. And with quarantine becoming the best time to learn new things, what could be better than learning how to make a perfectly hand-crafted cocktail or two – Inspired by Italy, of course!

Our goal is to keep the traditional happy hour alive, or also known as ‘Aperitivo’ in Italy.

Whether you’re going solo and drinking away in front of the TV or you have plans for a catch up on Zoom with your friends and family, cheers together with a drink in hand.

But…don’t just pour yourself any old drink, take it up a notch and add a creative spin with a fancy cocktail that transport you over to Italy besides the clear blue seas of Puglia, the glorious cliffs of Positano, along the cobbled streets of Rome and down the maze-like canals of Venice.

Of course we went all out for this one and teamed up with expert mixologist, Mattia Venegoni who runs a full service beverage and cocktail catering company based in Milan. Him and his team can cater to all your needs for your wedding in Italy. Luckily for us, we can satisfy our cravings in the meantime with these 5 easy to make Italian-inspired home cocktails designed by Mattia and his team at Barman Milano Eventi.


Quench your thirst with this refreshing low-alcohol cocktail. The fresh citrus crusted rim, makes it a perfectly rewarding treat to sip on a warm quarantine day.


  • Aperol 2oz
  • Fresh Lemon Juice 1oz
  • White sugar 15gr (2 teaspoons)
  • White sugar 50gr (used to make the sugar rim on the glass)
  • Lemon peel
  • A Champagne glass to serve it in


Zesty Sugar rim

Put 50g of sugar and the lemon peel in a bowl and muddle them together using a pestle if you have one, if not use the handle end of a wooden spoon – get creative!

Continue until all the zesty flavours are of the lemon are released into the sugar. Now lightly pass the lemon around the rim of the champagne glass and then leave the peel to one side.

Dip half of the glass rim circumference in the bowl of citrusy sugar and cover to create a sugared rim. Now leave the glass to one side, preferably with an ice cube inside or just pop it in the fridge.


Pour the Aperol in your shaker and add 2 teaspoons of white sugar and lemon juice, now get shaking! Now grab a filter if you have one and pour over your previously prepared champagne glass, don’t forget to remove the ice if you used it to cool your glass.

Serve with lemon zest to decorate


An Italian version of the super classic Mojito. Instead of the classic mint leaves, basil (the most loved and popular herb in Italy) is added for an element of surprise. Once blended with the white vermouth, a delicate aroma is released that is sure to transport you to the “Bel Paese". Thirst quenching and fragrant, this cocktail is sure to become your favourite social distancing companion.


  • White Vermouth 2oz  ( Use Rum as a substitute)
  • Basil leaves
  • Half sliced lime
  • Brown sugar 1 teaspoon
  • White Sugar 1 teaspoon
  • Sparkling water or soda to fill
  • Served in a low tumbler glass


In a tumbler glass, start by putting the basil in followed by the lime, then the white and brown sugar. Grab your pestle if you have one, otherwise use the end of a wooden spoon. Use light-pressure, enough to release all the citrusy goodness, but try not to completely crush the basil leaves.

Now add the White Vermouth, followed by the ice and then fill the glass with soda and start mixing from the bottom up, making sure to mix gently so that you don’t burst all the soda bubbles.

Garnish with a sprig of basil

Red Capriccio

Fiery and pleasantly bitter, yet at the same time, thirst-quenching and utterly desirable. The Campari calms the peppery power of the chilli pepper, creating a harmonious flavour with a bold kick, thanks to the added cranberry. This drink you’re about to discover is perfect for those looking for something different and unique, it’s ideal to kick back and relax with after a long day of endless conference calls. If you’re quarantining with your ‘amore’, this drink will definitely set the mood for a romantic evening.


  • Campari 2oz
  • Cranberry juice 1 and 1/2oz
  • Lime Juice 1oz
  • Fresh hot pepper
  • Served in a Martini Glass


Pop an ice-cube in the glass or leave it in the fridge for a while to cool. Put all the ingredients in a shaker, taking care to cut the chili pepper in advance before putting it together with the rest of the ingredients. Shake it, shake it and then pour it into your prepped glass using a filter to prevent the chilli seeds from falling in the cocktail.

Garnish with lime or fresh chilli

Mr Rose & Mary

Cool the glass by placing it in the fridge or popping an ice cube inside. Once chilled, add the Campari and vermouth, then mix together gently. Finish with passing the orange zest around the edge of the glass to release all the zesty essential oils. Finish it off with a sprig of rosemary as a garnish.


  • Campari 1oz and ½
  •  Red vermouth 1oz and ½
  • Rosemary
  • Orange zest
  • Short tumbler


This drink contains the essence of one of the most iconic cities in Italy, Milan. A decisive, aromatic and bitter drink, the citrus notes from the Campari blend perfectly with those from the vermouth. These notes eliminate the frills, eventually becoming an easy to drink cocktail, enriched by the aroma of the rosemary.  The perfect cocktail to enjoy after a day of meditation and online yoga classes. Sip into a peace of mind.

Lemons and bubbles

Citric and fresh, this drink is perfect for sunny days, to be enjoyed alone or in your quarantine company. The zesty citric notes from the lime attach itself to the Prosecco, and perfectly with the sweetness of the limoncello, the tonic rounds it all off to bind it all together making it a drink that can be enjoyed without too many thoughts. And let’s admit it, there’s a lot going on in our little heads these days. Remember, when life gives you lemons, make limoncello…and then this cute cocktail.


  • Limoncello 1oz and 1/2
  • 1oz lime juice
  • Prosecco 1oz
  • Tonic water
  • Fresh mint
  • Served in a Copa or Large Wine glass with ice


Cool the glass by adding the ice cubes first – fill the glass half way.  Add the Limoncello in to start, followed by the lime juice. Lastly, add the Prosecco and tonic, then mix from the bottom up to the top and finish with a sprig of mint to garnish.

So there you have it, if you’re wondering what concoction to make during quarantine, look no further- it’s all here thanks to Mattia Venegoni and his team at Barman Milano Eventi. Don’t forget to tag us in the making on instagram and we’ll share them on our account.

If you’re planning on getting married in Italy, call upon Mattia and his professional team of wedding bartenders and mixologists to transform your party, and treat yourself and your guests to the “VIP treatment” that you all deserve and will remember forever.

Get creative and design your own personalised wedding cocktails or set up a unique mobile bar for your destination wedding in Italy. With a delicious selection of drinks ready for the taking, no one will be left with an empty glass. For further information, visit their profile on our directory here.

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