Popular Wedding Destinations in Italy 2024 & 2025

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Popular Wedding Destinations in Italy 2024 & 2025

Are you wondering which locations you should choose for your wedding in Italy?

The idea of a destination wedding is becoming more popular amongst couples and it’s no surprise that Italy, one of the most romantic countries in the world is a top choice. Italy offers couples a wealth of options to host a dream wedding, promising not only a feast for the eyes but also for our appetite. Inspiration is made up of gliding around the vibrant canals of Venice, strolls through the flourishing vineyards in Tuscany or at the top of the idyllic Italian Alps. Deciding which location to choose for your wedding in Italy can be somewhat tricky, so here is a quick guide to help you discover some of the most popular wedding destinations in Italy.

Tuscany : Vintage-style Romance

For a more laid back countryside vibe, Tuscany offers endless green vineyards, olive groves, quaint medieval villages and splendid blue coastlines. Couples who are looking for a traditional wedding but want to add that ‘rustic vibe’ can choose to get married in one of Tuscany’s many vineyards or gardens lined with Cyprus trees. Across the green landscape, there are several calm hills nesting family-owned farms and villas, each preserving their medieval feel. Surrounding towns are filled with a rich blend of charming culture, alluring history and Renaissance art, making Tuscany the perfect backdrop for a wedding. If the countryside is not for you, you can always head to one of Tuscany’s romantic cities such as Florence or Pisa.

Tuscany Wedding location


Venice & Verona : Timeless Beauty 

Venice and Verona are two of the most romantic places in the world, which makes them perfect for a wedding. Throughout its glide through centuries, Verona’s beauty and elegance still remains intact. Romeo Romeo, where for art thou… yes, we all know one of the world’s best known love stories, Romeo & Juliet, a wonderful tale which was tied together in the narrow streets and ancient walls of Verona city. Newlyweds can visit the famous balcony and wish for never-ending love. Venice, the city built on water, offers a different setting for a wedding, with it being the world’s only pedestrian city, it is perfectly lined by endless canals, ancient bridges and traditional gondolas plying the waterways. Sounds magical right? Couples can venture off to one of Venice’s majestic palaces for a luxurious celebration and then float through historic beauty in a sleek white boat.

Rome: Cosmopolitan Atmosphere 

When in Rome you can enjoy a cosmopolitan Italian wedding, spiced up by the seamless mix of old and new. Rome is a modern city, but its ancient roots were never forgotten, so your wedding party can enjoy the historical monuments, toss coins in Fontana di Trevi and even step into the Vatican City. Known to many as the city of eternal love, the fairytale destination boasts charming architecture, storied streets and stunning views. Thanks to Rome’s illustrious past, you can discover glorious reminders around every corner that you turn, from it’s remaining treasured wonders to its mind-blowing masterpieces. Hop on a Vespa and zip through the city to marvel in all it’s beauty with your ‘Amore’, or treat your guests to a unique tour of the capital city.

Rome wedding location

Italian Lakes: Lake Como, Lake Garda, Lake Maggiore

Italy’s glistening lakes including Lake Maggiore, Como and Garda are just wonderful scenes for your wedding day. Take in the lake’s postcard-perfect views, bounded by mountains and staggering shorelines. Amid the nature, the lakes host some of the most breath-taking villas and stunning halls, ideal for a truly special wedding. The warm local climate makes it an ideal place to welcome your guests who can enjoy all there is to offer, from endless water activities to outdoor hikes.

Italian lakes

The Alps: Magical Celebrations 

If you are considering a winter wedding, the Italian Alps might just be the perfect choice for you. With romantic panoramic castles, charming ancient villages and breath-taking ski resorts, a celebration on the dolomites could just be a wintery dream come true. A glistening ceremony could enfold on the height of a snowy mountain before skiing down to the local villages nestled in the valleys and indulging in the refined Northern cuisine. Even if you are considering the Italian Alps in the warmer seasons, the year-round beauty of the Dolomites offers spectacular panoramas and cheerful colours of nature.

Dolomites in Italy

Italian Riviera: Picturesque Jewels 

The very mention of “The Riviera” instantly brings to mind alluring moonlit beaches and lovers strolling hand-in-hand on the long sandy shores. Just imagine how exquisite a wedding would be in a place already embraced for its romantic atmosphere. The picturesque seaside village of Portofino is an absolute jewel. Being a popular port and resort, it is large enough to accommodate all your wishes but small enough to be warm and welcoming. Portofino can be easily reached by ferry from Liguria and Cinque Terre, which are incredible wedding destinations in their own rights. Liguria is elegant and exclusive, and has no shortage of villas and palaces with ‘wow’ views, ideal for your Neptune nuptials. Cinque Terre is intimate and heartfelt, a mecca for lovers. Within Cinque Terre are five vertical villages that cling to the steep hillsides, surrounded by walled terraced vineyards and olive gardens, the perfect backdrop for a wedding that truly looks and feels Italian.

Italian riviera

Puglia: 'Trulli’ Yours

Do you picture yourself tying the knot in a relaxing cliff side town by the sea? If so, Puglia might be your dream destination, but only if you like flowers for this lovely location is a floral-filled paradise. Oh, and the sunsets are nothing less than stunning. The warm and pleasant temperature at the ‘heel of the boot’ makes it an ideal place to get hitched. Getting married in Puglia is becoming a hotspot, simply due to its breath-taking views, mouth-watering cuisine and distinguishing features, including the symbolic trullis. The iconic trullis are beautiful cone shaped structures, which are now recognised as a world heritage site. From the six main provinces all providing a unique vibe, you can be sure to find a ‘trulli’ special location in Puglia. 

Puglia wedding location

Umbria: Enchanting Magic

Known for its charming mystique, Umbria has a lot to offer in the way of weddings. While it’s been a popular wedding destinations in Italy for centuries, this fascinating place gives the feel that there are more hidden wonders yet to explore. Adventurous and magical, you’ll find a myriad of choices for a genuine Italian wedding, like bountiful vineyards, romantic olive groves, historical cities, enchanting lakes, and endless stretches of sunflower fields. Umbria is also home to the highest waterfalls in all of Italy if you’d really like to add an unexpected twist to an adventurous wedding.

umbria wedding location

Sicily: Rugged Beauty

Sicily is a melting pot of cultures created by the Greeks, Romans, Spaniards, Normans and Arabs, whose influences remain evident across their culture, tradition and cuisine. The intensity and vibrancy of these left traces has created the most colourful destination in the South of Italy. Food is culture on this island and the typical Sicilian flavours will not disappoint any taste buds. So if you envisage your wedding taking place by the bluest of seas, surrounded by the most unique flavours and under a sun drenched climate, then Sicily may be the place for you!

sicily wedding location

Amalfi Coast: Happily Forever After

Perched in the centre of majestic mountains and enveloped in a crystal blue sea with spectacular views across the coast instil, the Amalfi Coast is one of the most popular wedding destinations in Italy. The Island of Capri is one of the most coveted wedding sites on the Amalfi Coast.  Overflowing with heritage, abounding in breath taking beauty, and symbolic of love itself, this island promises to make all your Italian wedding dreams come true. Positano is a lovely valley on the coast with incredible places for your fairy tale wedding to magically come to life.  The rich history and vibrant enchantment of Positano allows you to captivate a timeless feel to celebrating your forever love.

amalfi coast wedding location

And there you go! We hope that this list of popular wedding destinations in Italy helps you figure out where you want to get married in Italy , or at least give you a clearer idea. Narrow down your favourite spots and find out all the ins and outs of the destination to ensure it is the perfect fit for your wedding. There really is so much to choose from in Italy, as every quaint town or buzzing city has its own unique potential to act as the perfect backdrop for your dream day. Let us know which destination won your hearts then start searching for your Italian wedding venue. 

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