Planning a Wedding in Italy for 2024 & 2025: Here’s Some Tips To Get Started

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Planning a Wedding in Italy for 2024 & 2025: Here's Some Tips To Get Started

Are you planning a wedding in Italy in for 2024 & 2025 ? Here's all the information you need to get started.

Even if you’ve never been to Italy, you’ve probably been influenced by it in some way: a favourite pasta dish, fables of Tuscany’s rolling hills, photos of the colourful Amalfi coast, or a large crush on Al Pacino. (Doesn’t everyone have a crush on Al Pacino?) Whether you’re planning on nestling into the Italian Alps in the north or lounging with a granita in Sicily, there’s something in Italy for everyone.

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Are you considering and Planning a wedding in Italy for 2024 & 2025 and don't know where to start? Don’t worry–we’ve gone ahead and done some of the heavy lifting for you. Check out the inventory of Italy wedding vendors and venues on our Italian wedding directory and take one step closer to your destination matrimonio!

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Decide When to Host Your Wedding in Italy for 2024 & 2025

  • Consider The Weather

It’s important to keep in mind that the climate in Italy ranges from a chillier, mountainous north to the balmy Mediterranean Sea in the south. If you and your honey want a warm wedding, springtime in any destination in the south would be a good bet; and summertime in the north usually sits around 80°F/26°C. Perfetto!

Venice in Italy
  • Consider traditional festivals that may affect your chosen date

…and they happen year-round! Check out list of Italian festivals from Rick Steves to see if there’s anything you’d like to pair up with for the theme of your wedding. With events ranging from the Venice carnival to white truffle fairs, Italian festivals are a blast for anyone interested in Italian culture.

Pro Tip :Check in with your Italy wedding planner to make sure all restrictions have been lifted and to verify the dates from the online list, as these change annually.

Next Up:Choosing a Wedding Venue in Italy

  • Choose From Some of The Best Wedding Venues in Italy

Ranging from rustic inland venues to a privately-owned island, we’ve put together some suggestions for you for places to get married in Italy. Whether you choose to get married in Capri or Tuscany, Lake Como or Venice, Italy boasts a wide array of experiences to suit your desires.

Southernmost Sicily is known for its rustic agrarian feel, whereas central Italy is steeped in art and romance, particularly in Florence. In Sorrento and other coastal regions, you’ll find beach play and leisure; and if natural mountain views with clear waters take your breath away − Italian Lakes are the best destinations for your wedding in Italy. Wherever you land, fun is sure to be a walk, train ticket, or cab fare away!

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Pro Tip: Know your guest list. The size of your list matters when it comes to finding the perfect Italy wedding venue. While the space may accommodate your guests outside, consider the Plan B option incase it rains and make sure they can also fit inside if needed. In addition to this, some places might not accommodate both reception and ceremony, so plan accordingly, and look out for extra fees!

  • Be Open To A Variety of Wedding Venues

Selecting a venue might have to do as much with general vibe of the place as it does proximity to florists and other services; be creative and receptive in your search. The more open you are to the kind of venue; the sooner you can have your chosen Italy wedding. If you are looking to get married in a church with a religious affiliation, reach out to inquire if there is a church near your desired accommodation to hold the ceremony.

Pro Tip: Book your wedding as early as possible in order to ensure your spot, some popular places are currently booked as far out as 3/4 years in advance.

Hiring a Italy wedding planner

Hiring a wedding planner can provide key connections and invaluable insights as your boots on the ground in Italy—plus, having a translator could prove to be helpful and informative. If this is the way you choose to create your dream destination wedding, you can spend less time worrying about disaster avoidance and more time enjoying your Italian wedding planning journey.

Pro Tip: For the adventurous, savvy planners why not use our 'Quick Planner' and let us help your find your dream wedding planner, venue or any other supplier. 

Wedding design in Italy

Factor in Extra Expenses

We get it. Budgeting can be a challenge…but it’s important to give yourself at least a 5% cushion or “whoopsies” fund. In the instance of a last-minute fiasco, it’s best to have room to breathe. Best case scenario, you now have some extra euros to hop on a train and explore the diverse array of delights Italy has to offer. Either way: it’s a win-win.

Make Your Guests Feel Welcome

Connect your guests with access to affordable, reliable airfare, tips on how to get around in Italy, as well as accommodation so they can rest after a long flight. Notify them of upcoming festivals so those who are making it a lifetime trip have even more memories to cherish, such as the gelato festival in Florence!

Keep your guests informed of any updates, rules and regulations, and insider advice. Remember, it’s up to you to set the expectation and the vibe of your wedding…so be courteous and consider the experience of travelling to another country, maybe even for the first time.

Wedding guests in Italy

Wherever and however you choose to plan your wedding in Italy for 2024 & 2025 , with a lot of planning and some guidance, it will surely be the Italian wedding of your dreams!

Feel free to reach out to us if you need any advice, vendor recommendations or guidance. 

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