Exactly What To Wear As a Guest To An Italian Wedding

Exactly What To Wear As a Guest To An Italian Wedding

Pizza and pasta aside – which is something we never thought we’d say – fashion is a stalwart part of Italy’s cosmopolitan culture. Until the 1970s, it was primarily designed for the rich and famous, as coveted looks began to sweep across the likes of Milan, one of the world’s biggest internationally recognised fashion capitals, and Naples in the South of Italy. Then, as time went on, it became available to one and all and the Italians, as the tanned, sun glass donning fashionistas that they are, showed the world they knew a thing or two about how to don a pair of patent shoes and sashay in a suit. 

From Donatella Versace to Giorgio Armani, the Italian’s, and their unparalleled ways with fashion, appear as always, effortlessly cool as they saunter down cobbled streets in Tuscany and gander at gondolas in Venice, and we imagine, they would know exactly what to wear to an Italian wedding, pretty well too! 

Yet dressing for weddings in Italy is slightly more complex than you think. Is your shade choice going to clash with the scenery? Is the weather going to behave itself? Alas, here’s a look at some of the ways to dazzle at an Italian wedding… and fit in like a local! Thank us later!

Anticipate Invitations

Check Your Invite! 

Before a barrage of do’s and don’ts, it’s probably best you scan your Italian wedding invite to see if there’s a specified dress code, as often, this is where you’ll find all of the key info to help you decide what to wear to an italian wedding! And, if your soon-to-wed pals want you to don a specific colour or dress to match their Amalfi Coast vibe theme then, that answers your questions for you. Hopefully, however, this won’t be the case and you can wear whatever you’re fully comfortable in. 

Choose Your Colour Wisely 

It’s so tempting to wear white to weddings in Italy and, whilst guys can pretty much get away with it, ladies you simply can’t! At an Italian wedding it’s best to steer clear of white, and black for that matter! It’s heard, on the Italian grapevine, that wearing black clothing during weddings in Italy signifies death and mourning, so unless the wedding is about to play out something like Runaway Bride, it’s probably best to keep the black on the backburner. Why avoid white? Well, because white, or off-white, is typically reserved for the bride. Plus, it’d be pretty awkward if you got confused with the one getting married… yikes!

Pure wedding photography

Pure wedding photography


Let’s face it, when figuring out what to wear to an Italian wedding your thoughts do flitter to “the gram!” Are you going to rake in those Insta likes and grab the photo to wow all feeds, positioned perfectly aside rolling hills, flora and fauna and turquoise seas? Well, our advice would be to wear bright pops of colour. Ravishing reds, lemon yellows, Aperol oranges, lime greens… you get the gist! For many, bright shades are strictly reserved for summer but, as the weather is generally beautiful during wedding season, you’ll fit in superbly. Nothing beats a colour splash in Como, Venice or especially the Amalfi. 

It’s Getting Hot In Here…

Italy is notoriously home to sunnier climes and we flock there as a result! When attending weddings in Italy, bear in mind the weather. A June wedding in this divine country is likely going to be warm if not hot! Make sure you wear breathable fabrics; we’re talking silk blends, cottons and linen so fingers-crossed you won’t be a hot mess come the reception. Guys, we’re sorry to tell you that if you’re donning a suit you’ll likely be breaking a sweat – all in the name of fashion though right? 

Photographer: Kristen Kilpatrick

Photographer: Kristen Kilpatrick

Elegant Embellishments

As stated already, the Italians are as confident with fashion as they are with their cuisine. From Prada to Ferragamo, these sexy stylists tend to showcase elegant additions in the form of jewellery onto their outfit inspo boards. From shoulder-duster earrings to booming bracelets and dainty hair pins, keep the outfit simple and then accessorise. Guys, don’t worry, you don’t need to pierce your ears or buy new rings to accomplish this. Simply add pops of colour via your pocket handkerchiefs, suit-pins and ties!  

“One Can Never Have Enough Shoes…”

It’s true. Girls…and boys can simply never have enough shoes. Especially in Italy, where different terrains might call for swapping out heels for something a little sturdier! So, before you reach for your favourite pair of Dolce and Gabbanas, think about whether you’ll be able to make it through the day… or whether you’ll look like you had one too many Proseccos before the ceremony! Often, vineyards have undulating, grassy terrains that heels could sink into, so consider platforms instead. The same goes for hillside or even city weddings; Italy is renowned for its old cobbled paths which, we can imagine, get rather slippery. Guys, girls, think about your soles. Opt for comfort – after all, you’ll thank us later after hours of dancing! 

Wrapping Up

In Italian families, and Italy as a whole, wedding ceremonies are often religious events. If your dress features those thin spaghetti straps – you know, the ones that often break at some point during the nights’ festivities – then perhaps wrap a thin pashmina scarf around you during the ceremony. Don’t worry, once you’re at the after party you can throw it to the floor and whack out your best Grease Lightning rendition God’s speed!

Photographer: Kristen Kilpatrick

Luxe & Bloom

To Fascinate Or Not To Fascinate 

Do you wear a hat to an Italian Wedding?

At weddings in England, Ireland and sometimes even Australia, you’ll often be greeted by a sea of fascinator-wearing, hat-donning grandeur, as excited guests pose for photos with peacock feathers and bold coloured hair-wear tumbling from their heads. However, if you don’t want to go all Princess Beatrice at the Royal Wedding vibes, then it’s likely you won’t have to! At weddings in Italy it’s pretty uncommon to be required to wear hats and fascinators but that’s not to say you don’t have to, Italians are often fascinated by seeing these grand accessories. They are gorgeous additions to any wedding ceremony so, unless specified on the invitation, it really is up to you. 

If you follow these simple steps, you’ll be sure to co-exist amongst the Italian fashion know-it-all’s, without compromising your sense of style. Weddings in Italy make for the perfect opportunity to finally bust out that outfit you’ve been dying to wear ever since you bought it. So, embrace it, strut your stuff and, most importantly, have fun!

Oh, and one last thing… don’t forget your sunnies! 

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