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Most Loved Italian Wedding Songs To Play At Your Wedding

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Most Loved Italian Wedding Songs To Play At Your Wedding

Italian Wedding Songs You're Going To Love

Are you looking for ways to add a touch of Italian charm to your wedding? Let the soulful & fun sounds of Italian music paint a picture of ‘amore’ on your special day!

Whether you’re looking for Italian wedding songs that’ll complement your marriage or you’re simply keen to add some variety to your international soundtrack, there are so many beautiful Italian love songs to take you through your entire wedding day, from the procession to the after party. 

Italian weddings are famous for being incredibly romantic and enjoyable with music playing a key role in setting the vibe for the whole day. The Italian wedding songs you choose can totally transform the atmosphere, creating the right vibe and great memories for both you and your guests. In this blog, we’ll dive into the most beloved Italian wedding songs, sorting them into categories for the processional, aperitivo/reception, and the epic after-party that’s sure to follow.

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Processional Music
Italian Wedding Songs To Walk Down The Aisle To 

Picking out the perfect Italian wedding songs for your procession is like adding your own special flavour to the big day. While the focus is often on the future weds, the procession is also about creating a magical moment for everyone involved. From the adorable ring bearers and flower girl/boy to the vibrant energy of the bridesmaids and groomsmen, each person plays a unique part in the ceremony. This is your opportunity to come up with a great playlist that tell the story of Italy your chosen destination, whilst reflecting your individual style and paying tribute to your loved ones.

To kickstart your music brainstorming, explore our handpicked Italian wedding favourites for the processional. These songs are perfect to accompany the couple and various members of the wedding party as they gracefully make their way down the aisle.

O Sole Mio – Traditional Neapolitan song:

A classic choice, this traditional Neapolitan song evokes a sense of sunny romance, making it perfect for a joyous procession. We love how this song captures the vibe of sun-kissed romance, infusing your wedding with the warmth of its timeless melody and beautiful lyrics.

Jimmy Fontana – Il Mondo

This classic Italian love song can add a romantic and nostalgic touch to your wedding procession. Released in the 1960s, Jimmy Fontana's smooth vocals convey deep emotions, and the song's poetic lyrics celebrate the beauty of the world and the profound connection between two people in love. A great Italian love song for your wedding.

Cinema Paradiso – Profumo di limone 

The title translates to “Lemon Scent" in English, and the music reflects a blend of sweetness and sentimentality. Ennio Morricone's talent in this piece beautifully captures the meaning of romance which makes it a great Italian wedding song to walk down the aisle to.

Your Love by Ennio Morricone & Dulce Pontes

Ennio Morricone's brilliant orchestration, paired with Dulce Pontes' soul-stirring vocals, weaves a spellbinding and emotionally charged love ballad.

La Vita è Bella – Nicola Piovani:

While originally composed for the film “Life is Beautiful," this instrumental piece reflects the beauty and optimism of the moment, making it a truly stunning choice for the processional.

Ave Maria – Various versions, including Luciano Pavarotti

For couples looking for a more classical touch, the timeless “Ave Maria" adds a divine, sacred, and often tear-filled ambiance to the processional.

Aperitivo/Reception Music

Best Italian Songs For Wedding Aperitivo or Reception Celebration

As the ceremony transitions to the aperitivo and then the reception, the music should complement this vibey ambiance. Guests will be toasting their Aperol Spritz and refreshing glasses of Prosecco so it’s the perfect time to kick off the wedding fun with a selection of songs as lively and vibrant as the love in the air. Check out our list of Italian Wedding songs for the aperitivo/reception that will make you and your wedding party tap your toes, raise your glass, and even break into a pre-party dance

That's Amore – Dean Martin

This classic Dean Martin tune exudes the essence of love with a touch of playfulness, making it a perfect choice for setting a lively reception mood.

Volare – Domenico Modugno

“Volare" is an uplifting and romantic song that invites guests to feel the rhythm and celebrate the newlyweds with joy and enthusiasm.

Buona Sera – Louis Prima

Inject a dose of old-school charm into your reception with the lively and infectious “Buona Sera" by Louis Prima, ensuring your guests are tapping their feet.

L'Italiano – Toto Cutugno

Celebrate Italian heritage with the upbeat and catchy “L'Italiano," a song that will have everyone singing and toasting.

Ti Amo – Umberto Tozzi

“Ti Amo" is a romantic ballad that adds a touch of sentimentality to the atmosphere, making it ideal for creating emotional moments during the reception.

Guarda Che Luna – Fred Buscaglione

This jazzy and playful song brings a sense of whimsy and fun to the reception, encouraging guests to let loose and enjoy the celebration.

Quando, Quando, Quando – Tony Renis

A timeless romantic classic, “Quando, Quando, Quando" sets the perfect mood for the aperitivo or in-between speeches at the reception.

Nessun Dorma – Giacomo Puccini (often performed by Luciano Pavarotti)

While traditionally associated with opera, a well-chosen rendition of “Nessun Dorma" during the reception can add a touch of grandeur and drama to the celebration.

After Party Music

The best Italian wedding party songs to dance the night away to

The party is where the real celebration kicks in, and the dance floor becomes the magnet for your wedding guests.. Keep the energy high with these spirited Italian wedding songs: When putting your wedding party playlist together, just remember: This is your big day. If the newlyweds are happy, there’s no doubt that everyone will have a great time. 

Mio Cuore, Mio Amore – Raffaella Carrà

For a touch of 80s glamour and disco vibes, “Mio Cuore, Mio Amore" by Raffaella Carrà is an excellent choice to keep the party spirit alive.

Tintarella di Luna – Mina

This catchy and nostalgic Italian song, translated as “Moon Tan," is a perfect addition to your playlist, bringing a mix of romance and rhythm to the celebration.

Che La Luna – Louis Prima

Add a touch of playful humour to the party with “Luna Mezzo Mare," a lively and humorous Italian-American classic that's perfect for dancing.

Funiculì, Funiculà – Luigi Denza

This lively and fun Neapolitan song is sure to get everyone on their feet, capturing the happiness of your wedding day.

Mambo Italiano – Rosemary Clooney

Infuse some retro flair into the celebration with the infectious rhythm of “Mambo Italiano," a super fun and popular choice for a dance-filled reception.

That’s Amore – Dean Martin

Another gem from Dean Martin, “Amore" is a romantic yet upbeat song that's perfect for when the newlyweds take centre stage and keep the party going.

La Tarantella – Traditional Southern Italian dance song

Why not bring some traditional Italian folklore to the dance floor with the classic and rhythmic “La Tarantella," Grab all your guests and get them to join in the fun with the spirited dance.

Gloria – Umberto Tozzi

Released in the late 1970s, this upbeat Italian pop song quickly became a hit and remains a classic in Italian music. This catchy song can be a fantastic addition to your wedding playlist to get people dancing.

“Sarà Perché Ti Amo" by Ricchi e Poveri

Not only a beautiful love song but also a brilliant choice to get people on the dance floor during your wedding celebration.

Maracaibo – Lu Colombo

“Maracaibo" is a must-have, fun, and energetic choice that could have everyone moving and grooving in celebration of your special day.

Common Questions Asked About Music for Italian Weddings

What song is always played at Italian weddings?

One song that consistently graces Italian weddings is “Con Te Partirò" by Andrea Bocelli. Its emotional resonance and timeless melody make it a must-have on your playlist for your wedding in Italy or an Italian-inspired celebration.

What is the Italian song at the wedding in The Godfather?

The iconic scene in The Godfather features “The Godfather Waltz" by Nino Rota, which adds a touch of cinematic grandeur to the wedding scene. This classic piece has since become synonymous with Italian weddings. Fancy playing it at yours?

What is the one Italian song everyone knows?

One of the most iconic Italian tunes to ever grace the music scene is none other than 'O Sole Mio, a beloved Neapolitan song that has captured hearts all around the world (including ours) for generations. Whether you know its title or not, chances are you've hummed along to its familiar tune at some point. Will you be adding this to your wedding playlist?

What is the Italian wedding song for father and daughter?

“Figlia Mia" by Gigione is the ideal choice for a father-daughter dance at a wedding. Translating to 'My Daughter', its soulful melody beautifully expresses the profound love shared between a father and his daughter. With its gentle rhythm and heartfelt lyrics, it creates a touching atmosphere for a dance that celebrates the special bond between them

Here are some other Italian Wedding songs that work perfectly for the Father (Mother) & Daughter dance.

  • Sempre e per sempre, di Francesco De Gregori
  • A te, di Jovanotti
  • Crescerai, dei Nomadi
  • Una lunga storia d’amore, di Gino Paoli
  • “Lauretta," Enrico Musiani
  • Volare" by Domenico Modugno

Whether you’re having a destination wedding in Italy, you have Italian roots, or you’re just a big lover of Italian culture and would want to bring a touch of ‘dolce vita’ to your wedding, then we hope these songs help you dream up the best music for your wedding day. Don’t forget to head over to our Instagram or Facebook and let us know which ones you loved the most!

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