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Is it Worth it to Get Married in Italy?

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Is it Worth it to Get Married in Italy?

Is Italy a good place to get married?

Is it Worth it to Get Married in Italy We don’t want to be biased or anything but as you are already here, we’d like to tell you why we think getting married in Italy is a good idea and totally worth it! Well..what is there not to love about a destination wedding in Italy?

Not only can you say your vows and cement your love for one another amongst romance and historic beauty, but you also get to top it all off with a holiday too. Are you digging out your long list of destination wedding requirements? Sounds good! Why not mix yourself an Aperol Spritz and let’s dive in together.

Italian Weather

We get it. You may not know exactly what you want yet, but if your thoughts are a little bit like the above, it’s ok because Italy offers a whole lot of everything when it comes to the weather. This is definitely a stand out factor and one that makes this country a top wedding destination. The ‘I do’ season in Italy kicks off around April and goes full steam ahead until late October. That’s not to say you shouldn't get married during the rest of the year, in fact you could scoop up a few low-season discounts along the way and beat the teeming crowds of tourists.

Italy’s climate varies significantly from the North to the South. It’s warm and dry summers get particularly drier and hotter the further South you go. In most regions the winter is mild, and can get ‘snowfully’ cold the further up North you head. Picture your dream weather scenario and whatever it is, be sure that Italy can make it come true.

Amalfi Coast

There are so many stunning locations across Italy filled with venues to get married in italt that look like something straight out of a fairy-tale book. Even the smallest, most simplistic of venues can hold so much character and history, leaving a huge impression on you and your guests. Whether you’re catching yourself daydreaming about a gorgeous Italian villa nestled in a lush green vineyard, or you’re resting you eyes on an authentic country house with panoramic lake views, Italy had got you covered.

Italian Venues

Great Local Wine and Mouth-Watering Cuisine

What’s not to love about Italian food? Plenty of us do, and there is no better place to try a good authentic dish than right there in the heart of the country. There are so many amazing places to eat and to sample some of the local delights where ever you are in Italy, from the seafood specialities in the South to the mouth-watering meat served in the North. Italian cuisine represents the heart and soul of Italy. Food is an integral part of their culture and the locals take pride in these specialities. Offering Italian food at your wedding reception will impress all your guests… imagine the mouth-watering traditional dishes being served up, and that’s not even to mention the Dolce!

You Get More For Your Budget 

You may be pleasantly surprised at the cost of a wedding in Italy. Don’t be put off by the price that you think a rustic beauty overlooking the Tuscan Vineyards will set you back.

Of course the more lavish you dream up your wedding to be, the more ‘caro’ (Italian for expensive) it will end up. But! You may find, for the equivalent fee you are getting far more than you imagined in Italy. This could typically leave you excess budget for all of those special extras like mobile Prosecco bars, gelato carts and firework displays. You just need to be presented with an opportunity to look and around and choose which one suits you best. And that our friends…is what we are here for.

Italians Do It Best 

Were not saying you've got to go and plan a full-on Italian themed wedding … but have you ever witnessed an Italian fiesta? If you know! We’re talking about vibrant colours, upbeat music and non-stop Tarantella dancing. Throw in a few swigs of Limoncello and they are off!

Of course, it’s your wedding and you are free to curate it the way you desire, but what we’re highlighting are the wonders of the Italian wedding vendors who are experienced to create wedding magic. The local wedding professionals are extraordinaires when it comes to the ever-growing wedding industry in Italy, with their knack for all things beautiful and creative it puts your mind at ease working with such talents. We know, we hear you… ‘they can’t all be perfect’! That’s very true which is why we have sniffed around and dug deep to present a directory of wedding professionals that we believe will make your wedding sparkle. A great wedding is made by a team of great suppliers. Find yours here.

Emanuele Sironi Wedding Studio

Is it Worth it to Get Married in Italy? To sum it up, Italy truly offers the ultimate wedding dream come true. To fully embrace its magic, plan a visit to this extraordinary country and experience it for yourself

Once you've chosen your dream location, search through our directory for your dream venue and trusted suppliers.

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