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Hidden Gems in Tuscany: Lesser-Known Tuscany Wedding Locations You’ll Love | Italian Wedding Circle

Photo By : Petit Bouquet
Hidden Gems in Tuscany: Lesser-Known Tuscany Wedding Locations You'll Love | Italian Wedding Circle

Ciao, future newlyweds! ??

Are you ready to uncover the most enchanting and lesser-known wedding locations in the heart of Tuscany?

If you're looking for a magical and intimate wedding experience, these lesser-known Tuscany wedding locations are perfect for you!

From charming towns to breathtaking landscapes, let's explore the wonders of Tuscany for your unforgettable Italian wedding.

Let’s dive into the romantic world of Tuscany's hidden treasures! ?

Montecatini Location for Weddings


Pistoia & Montecatini

Medieval Charm and Relaxing Retreats ?⛲️

Pistoia, a lovely medieval town nestled between Florence and Lucca, is an enchanting location for your wedding.

The charming squares and narrow alleys set the perfect backdrop for your special day!

Montecatini is a delightful spa town nearby, and offers a unique and relaxing retreat. 

With its elegant thermal baths and lush parks, it's an ideal location for pre-wedding pampering and wedding photo shoots.

Our expert tip ?

Consider the historic churches and romantic villas in Pistoia for your ceremony, and choose one of Montecatini's luxury spa hotels for your reception.

The combination of medieval charm and modern comfort will create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests!

Grosseto Location for weddings


Grosseto & Maremma

Coastal Beauty and Untamed Nature ??

Grosseto, a hidden gem in southern Tuscany, offers stunning coastal views and pristine beaches, making it an idyllic location for a seaside wedding.

Maremma, a nearby region known for its untamed beauty and natural parks, is perfect for nature-loving couples seeking a more rustic and intimate celebration.

Our expert tip ?

Choose a charming beachfront venue in Grosseto for your ceremony, and consider the local agriturismi (farmhouse accommodations) in Maremma for a relaxed, authentic Tuscan reception.

Don't forget to include local Maremma wines and traditional dishes in your menu to delight your guests' taste buds!



Arezzo & Cortona

Artistic Heritage and Panoramic Vistas ??

Arezzo, a picturesque city in eastern Tuscany, boasts incredible artistic heritage, including frescoes by Piero della Francesca and a stunning medieval cathedral. Its historic squares and elegant palazzos create a romantic atmosphere perfect for your big day.

Cortona, a charming hilltop town, offers breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding countryside, adding an extra touch of magic to your wedding.

Our expert tip ?

Consider hosting your ceremony in one of Arezzo's historic churches or palazzos, and choose a lovely villa or boutique hotel in Cortona for your reception. 

The combination of artistic heritage and stunning vistas will provide a truly unforgettable backdrop for your wedding photos.

Petit Bouquet Wedding Planner

Petit Bouquet Wedding Planner

Petit Bouquet

Your Perfect Partner for a Dreamy Tuscan Wedding ??

Now that you've discovered these enchanting Tuscany wedding locations, it's time to make your dream day a reality!

 To ensure your special day is as magical as you've always imagined, let Petit Bouquet be your guide.

As a highly experienced wedding planner and floral designer, Petit Bouquet specialises in creating unforgettable, bespoke weddings in Tuscany's most romantic and lesser-known locations.

With her expert knowledge of the region and dedication to crafting the perfect event, owner Valentina will bring your vision to life while exceeding your expectations.

Visit Petit Bouquet's listing in our directory here to learn more about their wedding planning and floral design services!

Don't forget to mention the hidden gems you discovered in this article to help them tailor the perfect Tuscan wedding experience for you and your guests!

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