Finding The Best English Speaking Italy Wedding Planner

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Finding The Best English Speaking Italy Wedding Planner

If you’ve decided on a destination wedding in Italy and you’re looking for a wedding planner to support you, most likely you’ll begin your search for the best English speaking wedding planner in Italy. 

If English is not your first language and you need some planning support in your mother tongue, you can most likely find wedding planners that speak anything from French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian etc etc, you will just need to do a quick search or ask for recommendations. However, today we’re going to focus on the most sought-after, English speaking wedding planner to support your big day in Italy. 

How to find a great English speaking Wedding Planner in Italy

Choosing an Italy wedding planner can undoubtedly be a big decision, and as part of this, there’s a lot to keep in mind. However, not all English-speaking wedding planners in Italy can necessarily offer the same level of support, which is where the following points are hugely important to help inform your choice. After all, this could be the difference between your big day being a success or a fiasco!

Petit Bouquet Wedding Planner Italy

Petit Bouquet Wedding Planner

Start With Research

The first step in finding an English-speaking wedding planner in Italy is thorough research. Unless you already know the person you’d like to work with, you’ll probably need to carve out some time at the start to shop around. Head over to google or target wedding directories like our Italian Wedding Circle, an English wedding directory specialised in featuring wedding venues in Italy and suppliers in Italy. Italian Wedding Circle is a brilliant resource for discovering experienced Italy wedding planners who specialise in Italian weddings and have strong online presences, years of experience and know the industry inside and out. 

Reach Out and Narrow Down Your Search

When you’ve got a solid list of potential English-speaking wedding planners in Italy that you like, it’s time to reach out to them. Compatibility and experience are extremely important so by reaching out to a selection of planners, you can easily find someone that not only matches your style and personality but also one that can successfully plan the type of wedding you have in mind. Feel free to use the ‘Quick Inquiry’ function on our website where you can tell us the type of wedding planner you’re looking for and we’ll reach out to a selection that we believe will be best suited to your needs, on your behalf.

Casa Collina Events

Casa Collina Events

Consider Your Budget

To save time, get to the point and avoid potential disappointment, make sure your planner's fee fits within your budget and have an open discussion about finances early on. What is included and exactly what they can deliver/ support with is important to make clear from the get go. The cost of an English-speaking wedding planner in Italy varies depending on their experience, popularity, and how long they’ve been working in the industry for. Figuring out whether they are within your price range or not is key as if their services are significantly out of your budget, it will be challenging for them to meet your expectations.

Remember that while hiring a wedding planner is an additional expense, they more than often save you money in the long run through their vendor/venue connections and negotiation skills. Plus, the right planner can significantly reduce your stress during wedding planning, which is truly priceless.

Communication With Your Italy Wedding Planner is Key

Effective communication is super important in wedding planning. Choose a planner who is attentive, responsive, and understands your communication style. Just be aware that during the wedding season in Italy, planners are often knee deep in work and back to back celebrations so while they might take a little longer to respond to your emails or requests, red flags should be raised if you do not hear back from them months on end.

In addition to this, from the start of the relationship, make sure you evaluate the compatibility between you and the planner; a harmonious working relationship will ensure a smoother planning process and an awesome destination wedding.

Micro Weddings Italia

Micro Weddings Italia

Areas Covered and Network

While it’s common to find wedding planners that cover the whole of Italy, we’d recommend checking how confident your preferred planner is with your chosen location. Are they more specialised with Tuscany or well-known in Capri? This will help when it comes to their network which is key. 

A well-connected wedding planner will have a network of trusted wedding vendors in Italy, including florists, make-up artists, caterers, photographers, and musicians. The more familiar they are with the region, the better they’d be able to advise you. A planner with a strong network can often secure better deals and ensure higher quality service for your wedding celebration. 

Get Started Planning Your Wedding In Italy

Hopefully, by now, you might know a little more about how to discover and what to look for in your perfect english-speaking wedding planner – however, if you’re still feeling a little unsure of where to find the right partner to help, our friendly team here at Italian Wedding Circle can help you find the right planner for you. Tell us more about what kind of wedding planner you’re looking for here.

With the right planner by your side, you can enjoy the process of planning your wedding and look forward to a beautiful, stress-free celebration in our favourite wedding location – Italy!
Happy planning!

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