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7 Best Places to Propose in Italy – The Prettiest Spots You’ll Love

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7 Best Places to Propose in Italy - The Prettiest Spots You'll Love

Oh Italy, it captured our hearts with pizza and pasta and now we’re bulging with love over the Italy’s Prettiest Places To Propose too.

The good news about Italy is spellbinding and romantic places certainly aren’t thin on the ground, from the rolling hills of Tuscany, to the allure of the Amalfi coast and its dramatic ocean views. It’s really no surprise that so many believe that getting married in Italy is the thing to do. 

However, if you’re all for swerving the crowds of Juliet’s balcony, or the photo-snappers of the Trevi fountain then fear not, here are some of Italy’s most unique, romantic wedding proposal ideas…

La Pergola, Rome

Propose in one of the world's most beautiful restaurants

Where? Coined by those in-the-know as the best restaurant in Rome, La Pergola is a three Michelin-starred Italian dream, smothered in romance and perfect for a wedding proposal.

Romance Points: La Pergola lives up to every perfect proposal stereotype. The terrace is lined with twinkling candles and overlooks Rome in its entirety. You’ll be hidden from the cacophony of the city and transported to a peaceful oasis perfect for a bit of question popping! The restaurant sits under the direction of Chef Heinz Beck and boasts a famous menu that champions over 70,000 world-class bottles, making celebratory drinks, post-proposal, a very do-able feat!

You’ll dine amongst rare Aubusson tapestry, 18th century bronze candelabras, porcelain and hand-blown glass. It honestly doesn’t get more romantic on the restaurant front.

Inside Scoop: Pick a warm evening and head out to the candle-lit terrace. The sweeping views of the Eternal City really are unrivalled. In fact, this place would totally make for a good spot for an Italy wedding venue…

Giardino Giusti (Giusti Gardens), Verona

Propose in Verona at Italy's hot spot location

Where? When romance and Verona are used in the same sentence, the mind may well drift to the love story that rivals any other, Romeo and Juliet. And, despite things not ending too well for these star-crossed lovers, we have an inkling it’ll turn out better for you! Palazzo Giusti is Verona’s answer to darling proposal spots, surrounded by lush mazes and greenery.

Romance Points: The beauty of Palazzo Giusti really speaks for itself. This magnificent sixteenth-century garden makes for a gorgeous place of Italy’s Prettiest Places To Propose and to get down on one knee as, not only will the grass make it comfier, but it’s really a work of art to boot! If you’re sucker for a flowerbed, statue of a Greek god or a geometrical hedge then this is the proposal spot for you!

Inside Scoop: If you don’t want the giant head of a monster statue watching you as you get down on one knee then swerve the area between the maze and geometrical garden. The best place to head is up the sloping hill towards the back of the gardens where you’ll find the belvedere (meaning beautiful views). Offering just that, this cute hideout boasts spellbinding views of the rooftops and bell towers of Verona. You can make your way up the spiral staircase to the top level which makes for a peaceful green refuge, a far cry from the hubbub surrounding Juliet’s balcony. Some could argue this where the real romance is in Verona.

Belmond Hotel Caruso / Restaurant Belvedere, Amalfi Coast

Propose overlooking the magical setting of the Amalfi Coast

Where? The Amalfi Coast simply flaunts its romantic influence to all that visit, with its elegant mix of gardens, palaces, hotels and restaurants. And, in amongst the chic sightseeing spots, you’ll discover Hotel Caruso, a place that makes the coast not only an idyllic place for a destination wedding in Italy, but one of the best Italy’s Prettiest Places To Propose.

Romance Points: Ravello restaurant, Belvedere sits snug in Hotel Caruso, flirting with its guests with its stunningly fresh, local produce served with panache. Ocean views are rife, as are ancient frescos, and romance points have to be given to its dazzling piano and cocktail bar, divine spots for a nightcap (or post-proposal celebration!)

Inside Scoop: The restaurant itself is a spectacular place for a proposal. Or, have a dally at the Krug Table Dining Experience, as Chef Mimmo di Raffaele indulges you in the fine tastes of his personalised menu and dessert demonstration to finish. The private affair is flooded with candles, and food is served under stars. To really layer on the magic, there will also be a dedicated butler service, scene-setting music and chilled Krug champagne… does it get much more romantic? Buon appetito!

Terrazza Danieli, Venice

Propose on the roof of the famous Hotel Danieli in Venice

Where? To call this terrace magical would be doing it an injustice. It’s hard to find the words for Terrazza Danieli, poised amongst the romance of Venice and its dazzling lights and gondolas.

Romance Points: The panoramic, Mac screensaver-esque views offer you the chance to propose overlooking the Serenissima and its friendly hustle and bustle. Plus, the historic-themed menu serves up some of the best locally-sourced ingredients.

Inside Scoop: Come dressed to impressed so don’t wear shorts or flip-flops as they’re not permitted (not that you would anyway)! Terrazza Danieli requires only the most elegant of outfits to grace its presence. Try to choose a warm, balmy evening where the city shines in full splendour.

Bardini Gardens, Florence

Propose in a beautiful monumental garden overlooking Florence 

Where? It’s easy to lose yourself in the beautiful Bardini Garden, but better to lose yourself than the ring hey? The gardens provide wow-worthy views of Florence, situated between Costa San Giorgio and Borgo San Niccolò and showcase culture, art, history and flora and fauna galore!

Romance Points: Um, everything? There are three gardens to choose from the list of Italy’s Prettiest Places To Propose for your proposal, from the Italianate Garden with a darling baroque staircase, to the English Wood which represents an Anglo-Chinese garden and the Agricultural Park where you’ll find your fair share of fruit and wisteria. 

Inside Scoop: The wisteria is the most loved by the visitors to the Bardini Garden. Head to the pergola which is completely adorned by violet bunches, leading all the way to Loggia del Belvedere with panoramic views of Florence.

San Galgano Abbey, Siena

Propose in the immense and well-preserved Abbey of San Galgano

Where? Whilst most might head to the Chianti countryside, which is undeniably gorgeous, our unique spot in this region would be the San Galgano Abbey. Venture just outside of Siena, in Chiusdino and you’ll find it amidst a timeless and striking atmosphere.

Romance Points: The Benedictine Abbey of San Galgano is rumoured to be the original inspot for King Arthur and, actually, you can see the original sword in the stone in the Montesiepi Chapel – pretty cool huh?

Inside Scoop: The venue is striking, and a wholly unique spot for an Italy proposal. You can stand beneath its grandeur on a carpet of grass with stars overhead and, in our opinion, that’s pretty romantic. Either way, it’s time to get the engagement rings in Italy and get your wedding proposal locked down…

Portovenere, Liguria

Propose in a hidden a Riviera gem with extraordinary views 

Where? The mesmeric Gulf of Poets, Portovenere, in Liguria, protrudes from the eastern tip of the coast, and marks a gorgeous stretch of colourful sea villages. The aesthetic will not only blow your mind, but it’ll look darn good on the #gram too…

Romance Points: First off, the dramatic scenery is a total feast for your soul and many writers have been influenced by its beauty, namely David Herbert Lawrence, Lord Byron and Percy Bysshe Shelley. So, if these guys loved it then we’re pretty sure you will too – a darling wedding proposal idea!

Inside Scoop: The whole stretch is spellbinding, but we recommend heading to the rocks around the seaside town of Porto Venere, where a grotto is named after Lord Byron. It’s the best place to take in the span of beauty and pop the question.

There's nothing more romantic than being able to say ' Will you marry me' in Italy and even more romantic to hear the word -' Yes'! We hope you discovered some if Italy's most breathtaking backdrops, including a few hidden gems the destination has to offer. Follow us on instagram and let us know where you decide to get down on one knee. 

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