Masseria Muntibianchi Agriresort

A charming villa in Puglia where Salento's Timeless Charm Meets Modern Elegance

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Nestled in the heart of Salento, Masseria Muntibianchi is a dream come true, offering an unforgettable setting to make your special day as beautiful as you’ve always imagined. With its warm and refined atmosphere, lush gardens, charming courtyard, and inviting pool area, this historical Masseria is the perfect backdrop for your wedding reception. What’s more, the centuries-old olive trees add an enchanting touch of authenticity to the surroundings

A wedding celebrated at Masseria Muntibianchi guarantees not just a memorable day but an extraordinary culinary voyage. Here, you’re immersed in the charm of Salento’s heritage while basking in the enchantment of a truly picturesque venue.

When you reserve the villa for a minimum of three nights, you gain exclusive access, not only to the entire property but also to their dedicated staff, who will assist you in curating unique and special moments to share with your guests.

The venue’s layout, with its various courtyards, gardens, and pools, ensures a harmonious distribution of spaces, creating a range of picturesque settings that infuse your photos with a touch of timeless charm.

Discover 20 contemporary-designed rooms, each thoughtfully equipped with modern comforts. For a stay of complete relaxation, indulge in our deluxe room with a Jacuzzi pool immersed in a private garden or opt for the Suite with a private heated pool.



Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are there indoor and outdoor set-up options?
    • Yes, there are indoor and outdoor set-up options.
  2. How many guests does the venue hold?
    • Inside, the venue can accommodate about 80 people, and outside it can hold between 100 to 120 people.
  3. Is the venue available for exclusive use?
    • Yes, the venue is available for exclusive use.
  4. Does the venue offer accommodation?
    • Yes, the venue does offer accommodation.
  5. Can we choose our own vendors, or do you have a preferred or exclusive vendor list?
    • You can freely choose your suppliers.
  6. Is the venue child-friendly?
    • Yes, the venue is child-friendly.
  7. Are taxis and nearby accommodation easily accessible from the venue?
    • Yes, taxis and nearby accommodation are easily accessible from the venue.
  8. What is the backup plan for rain or inclement weather?
    • The backup plan for rain or inclement weather includes the use of an internal hall or tent rental, which would be paid for by the spouses.
  9. Can the venue accommodate a DJ or live band?
    • Yes, the venue can accommodate a DJ or live band.
  10. Does the venue have disabled access?
    • Yes, the venue has disabled access.
  11. Do you charge a corkage fee?
    • Yes, there is a corkage fee.


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