Italian Wedding Circle – Terms & Conditions 

(1) Italian Wedding Circle members are deemed to be an authorised vendor or venue who provide information about their business to be published on a profile in order for it to be searched for, located and viewed by users. The member can edit their business description, upload photos and/or videos to their profile.

2) All vendors and venues agree to be fully bound by the financial agreement relating to their membership they enter into at the time of creating a profile or upon which point that their membership is renewed after expiration.

(3) Membership financial agreements are for a minimum period of 12 calendar months from the day that their profile is live.

(4) Annual membership financial agreements are for a period of 12 calendar months and one payment is taken by the provider at the initiation of such contract for a full annual membership. Italian Wedding Circle reserves the right at any time to cancel an arrangement should the vendor break any terms of this agreement or for matters outside of our control.

Any refund that is due, should this is occur will be returned to the member in full at the first possible opportunity.

(5) We reserve the right to contact members who have entered into a financial contract with Italian Wedding Circle at any time during its defined timeframe in order to discuss an existing membership, current and future promotions or membership renewals relating to our platform and their membership.

(6) It is the member’s responsibility to ensure their profile information is truthful and accurate at all times. The listed vendor or venue represents and warrants that they own or has the necessary experience, licenses, rights, to their business details. The information provided by members will be deemed correct as accepted. Any images used should receive approval from the photographer.

(7) Italian Wedding Circle is not responsible for the content on individual profiles being up to date, inaccurate, inflammatory, derogatory, unclear, grammatically incorrect or any other subjective aspect of typical online profile information that users or members may perceive.

(8) We do not accept any offensive material to be posted and to be viewed by any member and any such material should immediately be brought to our attention using our contact email address for us to address the concern with the relevant parties.

(9) Any reported offensive information or behaviour pertaining to any member be deemed unacceptable by us, it or they may immediately be removed without warning as no offensive behaviour in any way will be tolerated. Furthermore, the vendor or venue may be banned from using the platform again should the issue be of serious concern such by us or any relevant authorities we choose to share the information with should we be legally required to do so.

(10) A member is entitled to de-register or have their profile removed from the site at any time and can do so by contacting us. This will be automatically considered as separate to any membership fees and all members must agree without limitation that they will continue to honour any financial agreement they have entered into with Italian Wedding Circle for the defined time period.

(11) Upon making a request to have a business profile removed from the site, we will ensure users cannot search for the profile on the platform only. Italian Wedding Circle cannot be held responsible for any subsequent contact between a user and vendor / venue.

Real Como Lake Wedding - Roberto Raspollini- Italian Wedding Circle

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