Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ About Getting Married in Italy )

We are delighted that you have chosen Italy as the special destination for your wedding.
We are not wedding planners but we know a thing or two about Weddings in Italy, therefore we would like to take this opportunity to provide you with some information about on how to get started and answer some of your most frequently asked questions.

Where can I get married in Italy?

  • Venice;
  • Tuscany;
  • Amalfi Coast;
  • Sorrento;
  • Puglia;
  • Sardinia;
  • Lake Como & Lake Garda.

These are some of the most popular locations to get married in Italy, although that’s not to say they are the only choices. What is wonderful about Italy as a wedding destination is that every region has its beauty and advantages, it just depends on your preference, such as the time of year, size of wedding climate etc.

For an easy to read list of recommendations where to get married reach through our article here:

Which location should I get married in Italy?

Can I have an elopement wedding in Italy for just the two of us?

Of course! Italy is a top wedding destination for couples choosing to elope and have an intimate wedding ceremony in Italy. It has everything you could possibly wish for from dreamy views, to warm or cold climates, friendly locals and most importantly mouth-watering food AND divine wine!

You could have a symbolic, civil wedding or even a church wedding in a dreamy location with an English speaking priest, and then head of to capture beautiful memories in the surrounding location.

Run away with your loved one and elope in Italy!

How much does it cost to get married in Italy?

The cost of a wedding in Italy really varies on your preferences. The best way to approach this topic is to have your personal budget in mind and see what you can get for it in Italy, rather than seeking an average cost as it all depends on your choices. For example, if your budget is 30,000 euros, you can search our directory and reach out to our vendors for their quote to give you a clearer idea. It’s likely that you’ll find you can get more value for money in one region over the other.

One thing we can say is that you can get married in Italy on almost any (reasonable) budget. If you’re budget is 10,000 euros, you are more likely to be planning a smaller style, intimate wedding with your loved ones in a beautiful townhouse or rustic setting. Whereas, if you’ve budgeted a good 80,000 euros, you could be looking at a luxury scale celebration in one of Italy’s iconic palaces or villas.

If you plan strategically and give yourself enough time, your wedding in Italy can cost less than you thought, and most often you’re bound to get more for your money. After all, you’re surely not travelling to Italy just for one day, so your destination wedding will probably be combined as your holiday and honeymoon all in one.

Check out our list of wedding vendors who are ready to support you!

What should I wear to an Italian Wedding?

Yes, we know, this is a question we get asked often.

Dressing for an Italian wedding is slightly more complex than we think. Is your shade choice going to clash with the scenery? Is the weather going to behave itself?

We put together an inspirational guide to show you some of the ways to dazzle at an Italian wedding… and fit in like a local!

(coming soon)

Do I need to pay SIIA music tax?

If you are having music played at your wedding, you need to register for an SIAE, which is a permit from the Italian performing rights organisation. Check with your band or DJ as to whether this fee is included, otherwise you or your wedding planner will have to organise the payment and printing of the permit before the wedding day (that’s not what you want to be doing pre-wedding).

For those who want to manage it themselves here is the link:

Real Como Lake Wedding - Roberto Raspollini- Italian Wedding Circle

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