Circle Member Spotlight Interview – Scelta di Classe Wedding Planner

Circle Member Spotlight Interview – Scelta di Classe Wedding Planner
Circle Member Spotlight - Scelta di Classe

Still haven’t found your wedding planner for your destination wedding in Italy? Look no further. We're pleased to spotlight one of our newest star members – Scelta di Classe Wedding Planner.

Read on for the full interview where we catch up with founder Elisa to get all of the details on hiring a wedding planner and how it can benefit you!

Fun Fire Questions

Before we get down to all the ins and outs, we'd like to begin by grilling the awesome Scelta di Classe team with a few quick fire questions. The perfect way to break the ice – right?

Andiamo!! (Let's go)

Favourite Wedding Month?

June because of the beautiful light and warm temperature 

Favourite Italian Dish?

I love all Italian food but it's got to be pizza!

Favourite Italian Wine?

Lugana (white wine produced in Lake Garda)

Favourite Romantic Song?

Always on my mind by Elvis Presley

Favourite Place Or Spot To Visit In Italy?

A hard question, perhaps Oriveto, Umbria, Sicily, South Tyrol,  Cinque Terre,  PortoVenere – oh so many!

Favourite 'To Do' Except Wedding Planning?


Let’s get down to business
1. Share your business journey with us and tell us what you offer?

My love for events, specifically weddings is the main inspiration behind my business, which I started in 2013. I really enjoy meeting new people and being of help to them. When I have the pleasure of connecting with couples from overseas who are visiting Italy, I love introducing them to the beauty of Italy and welcoming them with open arms – I may be biased but Italy is always a good choice for weddings. Whether couples come to visit their location before their wedding day or just for a holiday break, I often share ideas and recommend must-see sites for them to experience, so that they can create beautiful and unforgettable memories.

The most important service that my business offers is full wedding planning. Alongside my team, we plan and organise weddings from the initial planning stages right through to wedding day execution. A rehearsal dinner is also planned for couples who request this service and it's the perfect way for relatives and friends of the bride and groom to meet and have a good time, especially as many would have travelled far to be present in Italy for the wedding.

In general wedding planning can be stressful and our goal is to relieve this stress from couples, making sure their day runs smoothly and perfect in every way. Whether it's the full planning service, supplier/venue search or simply just coordination for the actual day of the wedding, we work in a flexible manner to meet our couples needs and requests.

2. What is the importance of having a wedding planner in Italy?

We believe that every couple needs some help when it come to planning their wedding and that’s where we believe we come in. Wedding planners in general are important to keep on top of everything making sure the most important day of their life runs smoothly. When it comes to planning a wedding overseas, local planners are even more of a necessity as there are a few more obstacles to overcome being in a foreign country. A local wedding planner such as myself and my team know a wide range of venues to recommend and visit, as well as a solid team of suppliers to support throughout the day from florists, musicians to caterers.

Taking unnecessary stress far away from the future weds, planners are able to coordinate all aspects of a wedding effortlessly and beautifully, allowing couples to have an enjoyable destination wedding in Italy. With all the extra time that they will have freed up from a wedding planner, they can spend it on focusing on other fun aspects in the lead up to their wedding, such as food and wine tasting! 

Lastly, as experienced wedding planners, we aim to help couples save money by choosing the best but inexpensive vendors according to their wants and needs. We offer support to navigate and negotiate with venues and suppliers allowing them to benefit financially from our insider connections.

3. What are the initial steps that you go through to get to know a couple and how do you work to reflect their personalities into the overall planning and style for their big day?

Via an initial video/voice call or series of emails, we encourage couples to inform us of what style, theme and expectations they have for their big day. Through close guidance, we plan the entire wedding event and help to locate and confirm their dream wedding venue.

What’s important to us is that we’re able make recommendations and offer our expert opinions without imposing our ideas on couples or forcing them to make a final decision, everything is carried out calmly in sufficient time. We constantly update couples during each stage of the planning process and share the final outcome with them so they are aware of all the ins and out in the lead up to the wedding. We keep a progress file, which we share with the couple to give them a fair idea of how their big day will plan out, this is so useful for couples who are living so far away from Italy and find it hard to picture how things will look and be without regular visits.

4. What superpowers do you have that may set you apart from other wedding planners in the industry?

Well, I can’t say we have any real superpowers, but one thing that we always value is the way we work alongside our couples to always make their dreams a reality. Our personable approach helps us to connect on a deeper level with our clients while we work with them to plan and organise their beautiful wedding day in Italy. Eventually, these clients become our friends as we share special and memorable moments.

5. What’s the most memorable wedding you have ever planned?

That is such a difficult question because each and every one of our weddings that we’ve planned have been truly memorable. If I have to choose, I’m going to go for the first wedding we ever planned. Obviously being the first ever one, most aspects were new to us and not everything came naturally from the start. I remember feeling exhausted and relived at the end of the day, but also so proud of what we had achieved after months and months of planning. What spurred us on was the positive and encouraging client feedback we received, stating that the event was impeccable. It was exactly what we needed to encourage us to continue our passion and produce even more successful wedding events.

6. Are there any wedding trends that you adore and would love to see more of in 2020 and are there any that you’d prefer to see less of?

I always love elegant and minimal mood boards. My favourite tone is soft colours, but also bright and vibrant colours like red, orange, and yellow, especially during summer and early autumn. I guess my favourite trend would be having dancers during a reception, it really creates a fun atmosphere and gets the party started.

7. What secret advice or tips can you offer to couples getting married in Italy?

First of all, find a good wedding planner! There are many out there to choose from, so before making a choice, call and speak to the planner on the phone or arrange to meet them in person if you happen to be visiting Italy. This will help you to make the right choice, someone who you match with as you will be spending a lot of time connected with that person in the lead up to your wedding. When you do find the perfect planner for your wedding, my last bit of advice would be to trust them.

Are you planning on getting married in Italy? – Congratulations! Italy Weddings offer so much for destination couples wanting to get away and say ‘I do’ amongst pure beauty, perfect weather, friendly locals and divine cuisine. Plan a wedding in Italy that truly reflects your personality with the help  of Scelta di Classe – leave it in the hands of the experts.

We've made the first introduction now it's your turn to reach out to their dream team and start your wedding planning journey. Discover more about Scelta di Classe by visiting their profile on our directory. 

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