Circle Member Spotlight Interview – EuropeWedding

Circle Member Spotlight Interview – EuropeWedding
Circle Member Spotlight - EuropeWedding

We enjoy spreading member love so much that we decided to introduce a new blog series called Vendor / Venue Spotlight! To kick it all off – we are thrilled to introduce the dream team behind Wedding Planning company – EuropeWedding. 

Fun Fire Questions

Before we get down to all the ins and outs, we’d like to begin by grilling the awesome EuropeWedding team with a few quick fire questions. The perfect way to break the ice – right?

Andiamo!! (Let’s go)

Favourite Wedding Month?

May & September

Favourite Italian Dish?

It’s impossible to choose just one

Favourite Italian Wine?

Prosecco Valdobbiadene, Chianti, Barolo

Favourite Romantic Song?

Always on my mind by Elvis Presley

Favourite Place Or Spot To Visit In Italy?

Lake Como, Hill towns in Tuscany, Positano & Puglia.

Favourite 'To Do' Except Wedding Planning?

Family time, traveling, playing the piano & attending live concerts!

Let’s get down to business
1. Share your business journey with us and tell us what you offer?

EuropeWedding is a tightly knit team of planners and stylists bringing diverse experience from across the wedding industry. Founder, Massimiliano (Massi) started the company after gaining valuable skills within the hospitality industry in cities around the world, such as Miami, London, Milan and Auckland, he brought his passion and worldly knowledge back to Italy where he stepped into the world of events, specialising in weddings.

Over the past 15 years our team has welcomed new members such as Lucia (Lucy), Benedetta (Benny), Federica (Fede) and Rosella, (Roxy) who are all experts in their own field and bring something new and unique to the team. With the knowledge of our team and love for Weddings in Italy, EuropeWedding has grown and evolved to become a leading premier wedding event company across the country.

We love meeting new couples who are keen to get married in Italy and are able to offer support in all areas of wedding planning, from the initial scope of direction to vendor sourcing, décor and design, transportation and all the rest in-between.

2. What is the importance of having a wedding planner in Italy?

With our creative edge and eye for design, we provide an invaluable experience to turn your dream vision into reality. Having our team’s support for your wedding will make your planning journey stress-free and filled with enjoyment – the way it should be.

It’s true that there is little margin for error on your big day, so it makes the most sense to hand it over to someone with the right knowledge and experience to give you advice and guide you through the secrets of Italy as a wedding destination.

3. What are the initial steps that you go through to get to know a couple and how do you work to reflect their personalities into the overall planning and style for their big day?

We meet our couples online via video or voice call as the initial step. It’s important for us to get to know each other and understand their vision.

Following this call we will work together as a team to create proposals and selections for all their services required, so couples can make the best possible choice according to their wishes. We follow and support every step and detail until the day of the wedding, where we are present as a team to make sure that everything is perfect as planned.

4. What superpowers do you have that may set you apart from other wedding planners in the industry?

Well something that we definitely take pride in as a team is our wealth of knowledge in the industry. Having planned over 800 weddings in Italy over the last 15 years has really provided us with the superpower to make any vision a reality.

Between us, we know all of the most famous venues, as well as the country’s best kept wedding location gems and have developed trusted relationships with those who have top business practices and offer the most value.

We support our couples along every step of the way and treat each wedding as if it were our own. All vendor will be vetted and their chosen venue will be inspected until all reflects exactly what our couples had in mind.

5. What’s the most memorable wedding you have ever planned?

As mentioned previously we have planned a plethora of weddings over the years and they each captured a special memory for us all. However, one that stands out to us the most was the emotions of happiness and fulfilment after planning one in particular.

It was a wedding for a couple with children, who had dealt with a few difficult years in the lead up to their big day, due to unforeseen health issues. They wanted to create a memorable event that brought their whole family together and allowed them to spend quality time with each other during such a special occasion. Throughout the planning we developed a wonderful bond with them and did all we could to make sure that their wedding was perfect for the Bride and Groom, as well as for the little ones in the family.

6. Are there any wedding trends that you adore and would love to see more of in 2020 and are there any that you’d prefer to see less of?

We adore and fell in love with the blend of gold and blush tones (or any other pale colour) – adding some glitter to these shades is always good way to make our couples glimmer and shine on their wedding day.

For 2020 we foresee many “alternative” or so called whimsical wedding set ups in Italy, that can look stunningly creative. Such concepts do however require planning and scoping out to make sure they are executed in the right way – which is what were here for.

Trends come and go but it would be nice to see less standard looking classic centrepieces, or old-fashioned décor. As a team we aim to be on the trend wave and are always drawing inspiration from new current styles and ideas to bring our wedding creations to life. Our in-house design team help our couples with mock ups and renderings of their ideas so they can visualise their day and imagine the final result… although almost always the final result is so much better than the original sketch!

7. What secret advice or tips can you offer to couples getting married in Italy?

As you have chosen to get married in Italy, you must be already enamoured by the physical beauty and the culture of the place. The secret is definitely to take advantage of the surrounding beauty and blend it with the local styles, traditions and customs. This will allow you to discover new and amazing sides of Italy, and create a wedding that will be truly unique and memorable for your whole party.

If you are considering or have decided to get married in Italy – Congratulations! Italy Weddings offer so much for couples wanting to tie the knot abroad, with its stunning backdrops, perfect climate, friendly locals and divine cuisine. Plan a wedding that truly reflects your personality with the help  of EuropeWedding – leave it in the hands of the experts.

We’ve made the first introduction now it’s your turn to reach out to their dream team and start your wedding planning journey. Discover more about EuropeWedding by visiting their profile on our directory

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