Benefits of a Wedding Planner for Your Wedding in Italy

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Benefits of a Wedding Planner for Your Wedding in Italy

Are you Getting Married in Italy and considering hiring an Italian Wedding Planner and looking for benefits of getting a wedding planner? 

Yay, you’re engaged! You must be buzzing with excitement and ready to start your wedding planning journey. Whether you’ve already made the decision or you’re thinking about getting married in Italy – what an amazing choice! In addition to the many questions going through your head, you may be wondering if you should hire an Italy wedding planner and what would be the Benefits of Getting a Wedding Planner.

Whilst it’s still possible if you decide to take on the planning alone, we do recommend having a planner for your wedding in Italy. If you want to ensure that your wedding day is exactly how you envision it to be, wish to reduce any excess stress involved and prefer someone to assist with the planning, organising and setting up, then a wedding planner would be the perfect guide on the side for you.

Trust us, dealing with wedding planning stress instead of blissfully enjoying being engaged is no fun! Let’s take a look at some of the top benefits and reasons why investing in a wedding planner for your destination wedding in Italy is so worth it.

Wedding Planner in Italy

Dealing with the language barrier

Although the number of English speaking vendors and wedding related individuals in Italy is growing steadily, there's no guarantee that every one of your shortlisted wedding dream the team will be able to communicate with ease in the language. Particularly if you happen to be planning your Italian wedding in areas which happen to be far from major cities and main tourist attractions.

A wedding planner on the other hand will not only be able to perfectly communicate your expectations to vendors, but will also be able to iron out nuances which non-native speakers may find somewhat tricky.

Groom and Bride in Venice Italy

Saving time

Planning a wedding all on your own means having to spend a considerable amount of research on which vendors are capable of bringing your dreams for the day to life while falling within your budget. Luckily our Italy wedding blog and directory already offers a great amount of help to find local wedding suppliers, such as Italian wedding photographers, venues, florists, make up artists etc. However, even once you have your wedding team confirmed, you may still need helping bringing them all together and finalising contracts. Also, in addition to what can be found on our directory, a wedding planner will be able to call on their extensive network of wedding professionals once they are aware of your expectations and budget.

Thanks to their local knowledge and expertise with weddings in Italy, you will get to save a great deal of time in the process and either enjoy some much deserved downtime in the Italian sunshine, or get started on the next stage of your wedding plans.

Help with red tape and legal issues

Some of the most common issues encountered pretty often by couples planning a wedding abroad in Italy or elsewhere are those involving red tape and legal issues. This particularly holds true when sorting out permitted activities with regards to venues (for example, you may love the idea of holding your reception outdoors in the Italian gardens of your rented villa with live music, only to discover a clause tucked away in the rental agreement prohibiting music after a certain time).

Different countries also have different criteria for legal marriages, and when planning for your special day in Italy you will need to ensure you meet every requirement to ensure your union is granted legal status.

Hiring an expert at planning Italian weddings will ensure you're able to nimbly sidestep any pitfalls as a result of these issues.

Wedding in Italy

Adhering to your budget

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a wedding planner that many may not be aware of is the cost saving side. A wedding planner in Italy will be able to keep on top of all the necessary costs while eliminating any unnecessary ones. Having a close network of suppliers and services, planners are more likely to receive special rates that you would most probably not have access to.

Whilst it happens to the best of us, the risk of going over budget is often an all too present one. And planning your destination wedding in Italy means that it could be an increased risk especially if it happens to be unfamiliar territory for you.  Work with a local wedding planner to stay in budget and save where possible. 

Wedding Planner Italy

Accessing the best locations

Experts in planning weddings in Italy possess an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of the city or town they operate in as well as the surrounding regions. Hence they will be able to point you in the direction of some of the best kept secrets in the area in terms of Italy wedding venues.

And thanks to them, you might just get to discover the perfect alternative to that highly sought after villa, hotel or masseria which happens to be fully booked (and if it's less popular, it might even come at a cheaper price as well). If you do fancy doing your own search, why not check out our Italy wedding venue directory where you can favourite your top picks and send them over to your wedding planner to shortlist.

Wedding in Italy

Hiring the best Italian wedding suppliers

Being constantly in demand means that top-tier vendors can be rather difficult to get hold of whether your location of choice happens to be a bustling metropolis or a charming countryside village. In the latter case, the fact that they may only be known to locals and may not have a dedicated web presence may make contacting them and enlisting their services even more of a challenge.

Having a truly efficient wedding planner in your corner on the other hand, might make all the difference between getting on that coveted list and being left without any alternative. And in the event of the Italian wedding vendor being unable to take any bookings, your wedding planner will be able to avail themselves of their extensive network of wedding professionals to find you the perfect replacement.

Having last minute contingencies

Planning last minute contingencies can be difficult at the best of times. And having to do just that in a foreign country comes with a set of challenges particularly if you happen to be handling it all without any extra help. 

A wedding planner can be relied upon to show up fully prepared and ready to iron out any unexpected hiccups that arise such as enlisting the services of an extra caterer, arranging extra seating, or sorting out canopies and transport in the event of inclement weather. These are the benefits of getting a wedding planner.

Saving you time on research, ensuring you stay within budget, dealing with possible legal issues and handling last minute contingencies. These are a few key concerns which might just be a bit more challenging to handle when planning your destination wedding in Italy

There's no doubt that hiring a wedding planner will go a long way in making the entire process of planning your special day a lot smoother and enjoyable. And as can be expected from a nation which loves its weddings, Italy is home to some of the very best of them. 

So if you'd love friendly, efficient support which might just enable you to save some money or leave you with more time to plan your honeymoon, explore the Italian countryside or go sight seeing in the city centre, all you have to do is check out our directory where the perfect Italian wedding planner for your destination wedding is merely a click away. 

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