2022 Trends For Your Destination Wedding in Italy

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2022 Trends For Your Destination Wedding in Italy

Destination weddings in Italy are back, bolder, bigger and more beautiful than ever before for 2022!

Yes, the uncertainty is over and the eagerness to party, celebrate and get married is in full swing. So much so that this year is expected to be a record-breaking one for weddings in Italy. With this in mind, it’s important to start planning as early as possible and make sure you lock in your Italian wedding suppliers and venues as soon as you can.

It’s a good job we’ve done all the searching for you with our growing directory of Italian wedding vendors and Italy wedding venues to choose from. To help you get started, we’ve come up with a list of 2022 wedding trends so you can get a head start on the vision board for your destination wedding in Italy!

Outdoor Italian Wedding

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Wedding Planning

How to plan your 2022 Italian wedding

The Great Outdoors

Ah, to celebrate your wedding outside in Italy – sounds dreamy, right? Hosting an outdoor ceremony or reception in Italy is fairly common due to the number of stunning locations boasting epic views and surroundings. We love that this is a trend this year as you can’t beat a good alfresco style wedding in Italy. And if we’ve learned anything while wedding planning during COVID, it’s that flexibility is key. An outdoor location would be safest for guests to spread out and poses a lower risk of any last minute covid cancellations.

Eco-Friendly Weddings

With more and more awareness of the environmental issues surrounding the wedding industry, it’s no doubt that couples and Italian wedding planners are considering ways to be kinder to the planet during the process. Virtual save the dates and invites help to cut down on resources and can be a good money saver, too! Make sure to join our community on Facebook and keep your eyes peeled for couples offering up their used signs and statement décor that can be shipped to your venue or wedding planner for reuse.

3+ Day Celebrations

People are ready for big, epic celebrations again and we totally understand why after being locked up for the past two years. Long 3+ day celebrations are trending this year allowing guests to make the most of their efforts to travel there under the existing restrictions. Welcoming your guests with a pizza party or spritz soirée will put tired guests in good spirits and give them their first taste of amazing ‘Italia’. Post wedding, depending on your location, a city tour will allow guests to discover the city, and help them determine which sights they would like to go back and see on their own. If city tours aren’t your vibe, wine tasting is a wonderful way for your guests to raise a toast.

Entertaining the crowd

Go all out and put on a show for your guests because ultra-niche themes and entertainment ideas are on the rise. Think Venice Carnival with a masquerade ball or bring in the ultimate sopranos for a mini opera concert. Providing your guests with the ultimate entertainment and fun, you can bring in your favourite Italian elements to create something unique and exciting. Italy is full of creativity and there’s no shortage of expert entertainers across the country ready to woo the crowd.

bridesmaids at Wedding in Italy

Planned by RoRas Destination Wedding

Colour Trends in 2022

Top colour trends for your Italian destination wedding

Think Bright

Colours reflect our emotions and after a dull couple of years we’re ready to shine. That’s right, bright colours are coming forward as trendy this year and we’ll be seeing it anywhere from florals to mis-matched bridesmaids. Don’t be afraid to hold back and go bold during your Italian wedding. Explore Italy’s gorgeous traditional maiolica tile patterns and find ways to incorporate it into your wedding décor.

bride in Italy - Wedding Hair

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Hair and Makeup Trends

Trending hair and makeup styles for your Italian wedding in 2022

Hair Accessories Are All the Rage

Brides this year are also going bold with their hairstyles. Accessories are in for 2022! A rhinestone hair vine, a gold wreath tiara, or beaded pearls are a fun way to make a statement with your hair. Reach out to your Italian Wedding Hair Stylist for tips on how to incorporate your favourite accessories into your chosen style.


Talking about styles, we love that vintage curls are back and trending. Rocking your natural curls on your big day will make you feel relaxed and more like yourself. Braids are also in style, from a simple relaxed braid or braids as a headband – love, love love.


Every bride wants to have the perfect makeup on their special day. Bold and minimalist makeup styles are trending this year, so you have some options! Brides that want to stand out are going with a bold red lipstick or a natural face with a bold eyeshadow choice. Not your thing? Minimalist makeup is also very trendy and great for the Italian sun. Your Italian Wedding Makeup Artist will guide you on what will work best for your big day. Check out this article from our top Wedding Hair & Makeup member as she shares her tips on how to plan for looking and feeling your best on the day of your wedding.

Italian Wedding

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2022 Trends for your Italian destination wedding decor

Wedding Florals

We loved seeing big, bold, over-the-top florals during weddings in Italy last year, and we’re happy they’re here to stay and trending in 2022. With so many talented wedding florists in Italy, you really can’t go wrong when it comes to choosing beautiful and unique florals for your wedding. Textures are trending in flowers, whether it's pampas grass or heavy greenery, we’re excited to see these fusions and floral combinations.

Inside Out Décor

As a result of the pandemic, we’re seeing wedding décor as a reflection of the past situation, which is bringing the indoors outside. Italy is full of gorgeous venues boasting magical gardens and rustic spaces and wedding décor. Play around with beautiful table formations and get creative with reception set-ups – we love the stylish S-Curve formation that we’ve seen trending. Space is key with this setting, however, when it's done right it looks pretty epic!

Italian Wedding Cake

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Wedding Cake Trends

Trending wedding cake designs for your Italian wedding in 2022

Statement Cakes

Having trendy pops of colours doesn’t stop with clothing and wedding themes, they’re making their way into wedding cakes as well. Italy has no shortage of amazing bakers and the creativity and quality that you’ll find there is second to none. Speak to your catering company or specialised baker about adding some vibrancy to your wedding cake and let them blow you away.

Mini Cakes

This trend is great for those smaller, intimate weddings in Italy. Offering each guest their own personal cake is a fun way to play around with flavours and styles. Yes, mini cakes are here to stay in 2022 after making an appearance during covid as a more ‘safer’ alternative to sharing a cake. We love the idea of having one tier for the couple to cut together and then a selection of mini cakes for guests to select and enjoy.

However you choose to celebrate your destination wedding in Italy, remember it's your day and you’ve most likely had to wait for the pandemic to be over in order for it to take place. With so many dreamy locations, tons of entertainment for your guests and a bank of top Italian wedding suppliers and venues, hosting your wedding in Italy is bound to be memorable and a truly special occasion.

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